The Sim

Green Mode

We on Starbase 820 are participants in a roleplaying sim (simulation) played on-line. The setting is based on the Star Trek Universe years after the end of the Dominion War, the events of Star Trek Nemesis, Gamma Quadrant 4 part book series and the disappearance of Ambassador Spock. Our sim takes place in a unique setting aboard a space station in the Gamma Quadrant a few systems away from the Bajoran Wormhole and DS9. The outpost itself was used as a Dominion Refueling Depot acting as a staging area for the invasion force entering the Alpha Quadrant during the Dominion War but has been converted into a mecca of commerce following their surrender. The station was gifted to the Federation by the Founders as a gesture of good will and in an attempt, no doubt, to focus the inevitable influx of exploration and colonization away from Dominion interests. Thus was born Starbase 820...affectionately called "Alamo Station" by its new crew. Let's hope we can make a better fate for ourselves than the defenders of its namesake did.