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May Awards

Posted on Wed Jun 11th, 2014 @ 6:36pm by Captain Wesley Chase

*** Sent this once and nobody got it, so resending it ***

Best Post: Commander Jonathan Grayson & Ensign Jake Costello & Lieutenant Paul Agustus & Lieutenant Hisa Matsuko & Lieutenant Commander Leandro Balt & Lieutenant Commander William Mithi

Most Valuable Player: Commander Jonathan Grayson

Most Improved Player: Ensign Jake Lee Costello

Rookie(s) of the Month: Ensign Jake Lee Costello

Most Posts: Commander Jonathan Grayson

Best Title: Lieutenant Paul Agustus, Commander Jonathan Grayson for "It's...It's a Dog! and A what?!"

Player of the Month: Commander Jonathan Grayson

Best use of a Personal Log: Lieutenant Paul Agustus

Most Invested: Commander Jonathan Grayson

Sorry this was delayed this month, but all ship wide awards are now issued and can be seen under your profile on the crew page. Remember that some of these are fleet awards and just nominations, should you win I will inform you and issue you the correct award.



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Category: General News