Game Over

Posted on Wed Jul 9th, 2014 @ 4:08am by Captain Wesley Chase

After careful discussions with my senior crew, I have decided to shut down this game for the time being. Anyone interested in a transfer to another active game should email and she will find you the perfect ship to play on. Ideally this would mean you transfer to the Avalon but obviously that is only if the position you play is not already taken. I want to thank everyone who helped make this game what it was, but at this time I cannot run two games, and the fleet could use the players on other ships, so it only makes sense that I close down this game until a new captain and crew can be found someday down the road. Everyone please do email Sabrina, she is one of my Commodores and will find you the perfect ship to play on. I am sorry I am unable to keep this game together but it seems only right that if I know the sim needs more than I can give, that I allow it to shut down rather than drag on into nothingness.

Thanks again and please email to get a transfer :)

- Captain Chase/ Admiral Wakeland
Chief of Fleet Operations



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