The Great Hunt

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The crew of the Archimedes hunt down those responsible for destroying Alamo Station

Part of Captain Kevin Quinn


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The Archimedes encounters an O-class planet, a world that is entirely water with no land masses. Going beneath the surface is only the first challenge, as beneath the crew will find a thriving advanced society that has never considered life outside the planet, and ancient technology that could cause a great deal of problems.

The Tides of Change

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While vacationing on the planet Bajor, Commander Mitchell is faced with a tough decision: does he leave the Voltaire in pursuit of commanding a geological team to the Hobius system, or stay the executive officer of the archimedes_ class vessel? However, when he makes his decision he is in for more than he bargained for... command of his own vessel.

The Hobius Incident

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Hobius Four, every Starfleet geologist's dream. Lying on the edge of the Compound Cascade, the Hobius system is mostly unexplored territory. The planet boasts rock and geological structures that are nothing like what is known to Federation and Starfleet science. The Archimedes, headed up by Commander Noah Mitchell, a geologist by trade, is sent out to explore this geological wonder. Upon arrival, the crew finds that the planet is decimated, its geological wonders in ruins and the Hobius indigenous people living in squalor and scared for their lives. Not wanting to turn away, the crew of the Archimedes begins to investigate only to uncover a lot more than what they bargained for.

The Wonders of SB 94

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After the incident on Hobius Four, the battered Archimedes heads back to Starbase 94 for much needed repairs, not only to the ship but for the crew as well. Here they will all get to reconnect as well as take a chance to rest and relax.

Below the Surface

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The Compound Cascade is a vast area of unexplored space perfect for any Starfleet explorer. With the unexplored comes the unknown but the USS Archimedes is up for anything that is thrown at her.

Narath is a small Class O planet that is completely covered in oceans. Deep below the surface lies a sprawling city known as Salac, home to the Narathians. For more than a millennia their society has been one that has thrived and prospered but now something has gone terribly wrong. Their oceans are dying and so are the Narathians. With very little hope, they reach out in hopes someone, somewhere will help them. However, things are not what they seem and the small water world is caught in the middle!

A distress call...

A underwater city...

A dying race...

A double cross...

All in a days work for the crew of the Archimedes!

First Contact Made Tough

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As the Archimedes begins life with a new captain, it has to learn on the fly as it performs one of the most noble and dangerous duties a starship has to do, first contact. On the planet Triaxia V, the people are about to break the warp barrier and venture into the cosmos, but that may not be a smooth sailing trip. For the Federation is not the only group out this deeply in space, nor the only group with interest with Triaxia V.

Magne Disease

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The USS Archimedes has just left Starbase 12B after a weeklong search. She has been ordered out towards the cardassian boarder to check in with a research team doing a dig on Magne.

En route, the captain and others take some time to rest and relax and try get over the loss of the captain.

Upon arrival they discover that the personnel on the planet are currently suffering from a mystery illness. The medical staffs have been overwhelmed and the disease is in danger of breaking out of the quarantined zones.

Part of Mission Under Captain Richard McDouglas