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Making friends

Posted on Thu Apr 10th, 2014 @ 2:55am by Captain Wesley Chase & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Ensign Lincoln Faustus & Sillipede Yackle

Mission: The Great Hunt
Location: Mother Yackle's This N That Shop
Timeline: Current

As Lincoln read the sign on the door that said "By appointment only" he decided to set an appointment.

=^=Doctor Faustus to Mother Yackle. =^=

=^=Yes yes Hueman doctor what is it=^= Yackle said as she arranged some items in her shop which had been moved by someone.

=^=I'm here to make an appointment.=^= Lincoln answered as he stood by the door awaiting further notice.

=^= Ok just give me a minute =^= Mother Yackle said as she grumbled and continued to adjust products on the shelves. After deciding the doctor had waited long enough, she let him in after lowering the force field.

"Everything is as priced, if you want a bargain find another store. Oh wait, I'm the only one aboard, which means you pay what I ask. Got it?" Mother Yackle was as usual being her charming self.

Lincoln stepped inside as he was allowed to, understanding how the pricing would work he gave a faint sarcastic smile towards Lady Yackle as he then nodded. "Understandable.." He answered while looking at Yackles goods.

"You do realize I only accept latinum unless you have something worthwhile to trade me." Yackle said noting the ensign pip on the doctors collar.

"What would you consider being worth trading?" the Doctor asked with a grin.

"Anything valuable, Rare or useful to me" Mother Yackle said smiling.

"I have a Brak Lath Jewel from the only Brak mine on Ferenginar.I know its technically illegal, and its only around two hundred karats but surely you must think it worth something?" Doctor Faustus asked enticingly.

Yackle looked at him with one eye brow raised "you are my new best friend." She said smiling and then fainted.


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