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Departments Check In

Posted on Tue Apr 8th, 2014 @ 8:33pm by Captain Wesley Chase & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Ensign Lincoln Faustus & Ensign Jake Costello & Lieutenant JG Jackson Travis & Lieutenant Commander William Mithi

Mission: The Great Hunt
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current

"XO, have all departments check in and validate that they are ready for battle or exploration. Lets get back into this fight." Wesley said as he came onto the Bridge.

Jon nodded, =^= Grayson to medical, is your department ready for battle or exploration?=^=

=^= All set to go. =^= Doctor Faustus replied.

He repeated the question to science, =^= Mr. Mithi, is your department ready for battle or exploration?=^=

=^= Science is ready for exploration. Standing by for anything. =^=

Jon looked over at Travis, "Mr. Travis, you've heard the question. What's the status of your department?"

"Security's good to go, sir. " said Jack. He was chomping at the bit; he'd promised the doctor he'd look out for her and he'd failed to keep that promise. He was ready to go back in.

Jon repeated the question to engineering and operations and was assured both departments were ready for whatever came their way.

With all hands reporting ready for duty, Wesley gave the First Officer the coordinates to take them slightly around Doriums world, which would soon be invaded by the fleet in a rescue attempt of the two missing crew, and on through the Necram Expanse. They would go deeper and pray Dorium was the worst of it.

"Yes sir." Jon wished they had been allowed to stay and look for their missing crew mates but it was not to be. "Helm plot a course away from this damn planet and then readjust course to 216 mark 28. Engage at warp 7."


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