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Medical Minds

Posted on Thu May 8th, 2014 @ 12:31am by Captain Wesley Chase & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Paul Agustus & Ensign Lincoln Faustus

Mission: The Great Hunt
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Current

Paul walked into Sickbay and entered his new office. "His new office,"he thought as he told the replicator to make his new uniform."Man we need a tailor on board," Paul said out loud. Just as Paul put on his new uniform, the Assistant Chief medical officer walked in.

"Oh, hello." Faustus said then he stated his name and rank in lieu of a handshake or anything more warm.

"So.. Anything to report?" Paul asked.

The doctor recalled a few patients, "Phyllis had a sprained ankle, and Ruthruff was treated for a sudden case of nausea and dizzy spells. Nothing specific was identified for Ruthruff."

"Ok, thank you," Paul replied. "I really look forward to working with you."

Lincoln nodded politely, "You can say the feeling is mutual."

Just then, the yellow alert lights went on.
"Better get prepared for injuries," The new medical officer said worryingly.


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