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Posted on Wed May 7th, 2014 @ 11:11pm by Captain Wesley Chase & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant JG Jackson Travis & Lieutenant Commander William Mithi & Ensign Jake Costello

Mission: The Great Hunt
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current

=^= Captain to the Bridge. =^= came the request of an Ensign monitoring their progress.

=^= On my way. =^= Wesley replied.

As he arrived on the Bridge, Wesley saw a ship on the view screen.

"Hail them." Wesley ordered.

"We have been trying to, they wont respond and they have just raised their shields."

"XO, Yellow Alert." Wesley said.

"Yellow Alert, I repeat this is a Yellow Alert." Jon said through the ship wide intercom.

"That design isn't one I'm familiar with. It looks like a patchwork of different designs. It's ugly." He said to no one particular. "Their raising of shields means they could possibly be hiding something." He glanced at Chase, "Recommend we fire a shot across their bow sir. Get their attention."

"Send them a message on all channels, we will not tolerate any hostile acts, we are traveling through the Necram Expanse and we expect to do so unchallenged. Lets see what that does, then set course past them, if they attempt to intercept us, take us to battle stations." Wesley told his First officer.

Jon had the message sent on all channels, now they waited. When no reply came, Jon issued the order to go around the ship. Moments later the stocky ship moved to block their path. At that display, Jon announced "Battle stations, battle stations, this is not a drill!"

"Warning shots XO. If that doesn't work, take out their shield generators." Wesley ordered as he took to the Captains seat. This was the part of the job he hated, for someone could lose their life over something so simple but he was a representative of the Federation, he could not allow anyone to obstruct their mission.

Turning Jon glanced up at the tactical station, "Mr. Travis, if you please, fire a warning shot across their bow. If they refuse to back down, target their shield generators." In his next breath he spoke to science, "Mr. Mithi, scan that ship, look at their shields, anything we can exploit as a weakness."

"Scanning now," several seconds later results streamed through his screen. "It seems they have three shield generators. One on the aft aide of their hull, one behind the engine hull, and a third disguised as a communication center. Their actual communication relay seems damaged as if they were in a battle recently. The ship is equipped with 5 torpedo tubes and three phaser banks. None of which seem loaded at this moment. Still suggest extreme caution. If they load their tubes we will not be able to maneuver away in time at this range. Due to three shield banks their shield generators are able to regenerate quickly. Working on figuring out best battle strategy now."

"Wait a second Captain, before you do anything you have to see this, I have something coming across my terminal that is new to me, trying to send it to main screen." William replies.

Jackson stopped himself from touching the phaser control.

"Phasers locked on and ready to fire, sir. Awaiting orders. " he said instead.

"It seems to be old fashioned Morse code from Earth's early world wars Captain. Attempting translate." William says.

"Finally have it decoded sir, it says the following. Attention spacecraft, Romulan spacecraft in cloak nearby. Unknown location. Several ships. Romulan not in control. Scavengers introduced themselves as the Hirogen pirates. Surrender suggested. Too many. Aboard ship, 15 living crew left. Several Hirogen infiltrated this ship. Possible trace chemical. Locate ships. Must go. Nearby. The transmission has ended sir."

"Ensign Costello, report to astrometrics and see if you cant find the cloaked ship please." Wesley ordered as he looked to his first officer.

"Battle stations, full alert stations at all times. Route all children to the library and activate its intruder force fields."

Jon hit the ship wide comm "Battle stations! Battle stations! All children to the library! Once all children are accounted for, activate the library's intruder force fields."

The turbolift doors opened and Jake stepped into Astrometrics. He walked over to one of the computer consuls and quickly started imputing commands. The computer let out a series of beeps as it detected elevated waves of sub-space distortion. "Got ya" Jake said to himself as he got a fix on the Romulans exact location. =A= Costello to bridge, I have them sir. They're on a heading of 374 mark 215.=A= he said as he continued to scan for any other ships.

"Thank you Mr. Costello." Jon answered briskly, "Helm change course to a heading 374 mark 215. Track them, match their moves and course."


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