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A massive hit

Posted on Fri May 16th, 2014 @ 2:48am by Captain Wesley Chase & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Commander William Mithi & Lieutenant Commander Leandro Balt & Lieutenant Paul Agustus & Lieutenant Pengelou Pottinger Ms & Ensign Jake Costello & Sillipede Yackle

Mission: The Great Hunt
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current

"XO, call all senior staff and Mother Yackle to the Bridge please." Wesley said as he reached for a data pad.

Jon nodded and touched his combadge, "All Senior Staff and Mother Yackle please report to the bridge immediately."

"When they arrive, I will have specific assignments for each member. I think I have a plan here." he added, speaking to his First officer.

"Yes sir. Hope it's a good one." Jon replied simply.

"Arriving as ordered sir" William Mithi says as he steps onto the bridge.

Leandro tried to focus his mind while he waited for the turbolift to deposit him onto the bridge. This is not the time to be thinking about her. He told himself. Focus. Block everyone out and focus yourself. He took a deep breath as the 'lift slowed and then stopped on the bridge. As the doors opened, he willed himself to stand straighter and to carry himself well as he approached the center chair.

Handing a PADD to the Captain, he brought himself to attention. "Lt Commander Leandro Balt, reporting for duty as Diplomatic Officer, USS Archimedes, Sir. Also, reporting as ordered." Remaining at attention, he waited while the Captain reviewed his orders and gave his instructions.

"Yes sir?" Paul said, stepping onto the bridge.

Pengelou hurries from her office and makes her way to the bridge. She ponders what to expect from her first combat situation as she could feel the tension from all the crew members. She steps onto the Bridge.

"Reporting to the Bridge as ordered, Sir"

The turbolift doors hissed open as Costello walked onto the bridge. "I'm here." He said waiting for further instructions.

Mother Yackle locked up her shop after getting the captains message. She made her way to the bridge carrying a handbag. She walked onto the bridge and smiled "You requested me" She said.

"Lets start with you Mother Yackle, Admiral Dullus Bree of the Temporal Time Ship, Steakhouse has ordered that you go with him on a small mission. Don't worry, you will be safe.

"But will I be compensated." Mother Yackle said smiling

Without any warning, Mother Yackle was beamed off the Bridge and onto the USS Steakhouse as four Klingon birds of prey De-cloaked and began bombarding both the Archimedes and the Steakhouse with shots of transphasic weapons that were not standard issues to the Klingon's. In fact they were supposedly only in the hands of the Star Fleet.

Dullus didn't have time to get the shields raised before the first rounds hit his ship, he had simply jumped ten seconds too late to retrieve Mother Yackle. He quickly raised shields, but the damage was already done. He did not really have a battle ship, for he knew when all battles were to happen and always simply avoided them. This would put him returning to the Washington nearly crippled, and he just got a report that the Multi-Verse Trans Warp Core was fluctuating, which worried Dullus because that meant something small from any universe could get sucked through. He ordered one last jump to the Washington which they successfully made after the coordinates of time, day, location and universe along with timeline were set. They arrived in one piece, but pretty badly beat up.

"RED ALERT!" yelled Wesley as he saw half of the ship scrambling to get off the Bridge and to their departments. They had been caught with their pants down.

"XO, return fire!"

Wesley looked down at two bodies on his floor. Ensign Lincoln Faustus, and Lieutenant JG Jackson Travis. They were dead.

Jon jumped over the bodies, there would be time to mourn for them later. Right now if they didn't get their shields up and start fighting back they would join their fallen crew mates.
Jon stabbed a finger down the shield control and was rewarded by the signal that their shields had been raised.

"Shields are up." He announced to anyone who might be listening. He then targeted the nearest Klingon Bird of Prey, the arrogant bastard had strayed too close and was rewarded by three photon torpedo hits that collapsed his shields and took his weapons off line. He quickly retreated from fight.

Concentrating on the remaining ships Jon fired phasers and torpedoes at the other Klingon ships. Unfortunately the Archimedes was getting a beating as well. Lights flickered and consoles exploded but Jon found power to keep the shields up and weapons on line.

He targeted the two closest ships and hit them both with a combine barrage of both phasers and torpedoes. He was rewarded with both ships being blown to space dust. Suddenly the fourth Klingon ship came rushing in. He wasn't fooling around, it aimed to deliver a death blow to the Archimedes. It's phasers lanced out along the Arch's diminishing shields causing extensive damage. Yet Jon was able to target it's shield generator and deliver a crippling blow that caused the Klingon ship to lose it's shields. Like it's partner, it high tailed it out of the area.

Jon took a breath, wiped the sweat and blood from his eyes, {When had he been injured?)

"Sensors show the area clear sir."


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