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It's...It's a Dog! and A what?!

Posted on Sat May 17th, 2014 @ 12:04am by Lieutenant Paul Agustus & Captain Wesley Chase & Commander Jonathan Grayson

Mission: The Great Hunt
Location: Hanger bay
Timeline: Current

So Many injuries. "Thank god that's over," Paul thought as he walked from sickbay. He had just lost his assistant Chief officer, a man he barley even knew. He had finally finished with the reports. Medium injuries and a 4 casualties: two officers and a two ensigns who had fallen from the 1st floor of engineering.

"Captain," he said as he walked into Chase's ready room."would you like to come with me? The shuttle bringing our furry friend is almost here."

Wesley wasn't sure he was in the mood to deal with this right now, after losing two crew, but he knew the crew itself could probably use a little pep talk, so he figured why not.

Wesley had contacted Star Fleet to arrange a small shuttle to deliver the animal, but delivery of the animal wasn't the real reason he wanted this shuttle to arrive quickly and safely, it was just the cover story. Admiral Wakeland had spoken with the Romulan's about how their safety was in jeopardy following the escape of the mastermind behind the attack on Alamo Station, which, after all, was the primary Federation out post closest to them. They had lost their secure trading port with the rest of the quadrant and at the same time, had been shown to be too weak to protect that which they said they would.

This angered the Romulans, who decided to assist Captain Chase in his hunt for the man behind both the attack and the kidnappings as their intelligence reports suggested. So, they had loaned to Wesley a small device to assist in his efforts. Something so secretive that the cover story of delivering a dog was the only safe way to get it to the Archimedes. Something so dangerous that the shuttle carrying it is equipped with a transwarp drive that would likely destroy it should it be used, but that was still the better option over allowing it into the wrong hands.

And so it was that Wesley met Paul at the edge of docking port one, which doubled as cargo bay one, and transporter pad one. Small ships required impressive use of small spaces. "At this time, I must inform you of something so classified that until I am ready to announce it, you are not to speak a word." and with that the Captain tapped his combadge.

=^= XO, secure all decks between cargo bay one and engineering. No personnel are to be on any of the decks or turbo lifts that I will be using. Have security erect force fields sectioning off myself and the doctor and our cargo from each sector and have security teams on stand by with weapons set to kill. On my order they are to surround and defend me with the authorization of all deadly force. Raise shields to maximum, go to Red Alert. =^=

=^= All security arrangements are in place as are the security teams sir.=^= Jon's voice filtered back through the com. =^=Raising shields to maximum and going to Red Alert now.=^= A moment later his voice is heard throughout the ship. "Red Alert, Red Alert, this is not a drill, man your battle stations, until further notice."

"Go ahead Doctor, get your puppy." Wesley said with a smile.

"I'm pretty sure it won't be a puppy," The Doctor said. Not waiting for a response,he walked to the back of the shuttle. It was somewhat dark and near the front was something he couldn't see, but it was big and under a black tarp. He turned to the side of the ship and looked at the wall. near the ground was a kennel, nice and roomy and clean. At least Star fleet follows animal standards, he thought, starting to realizing the excitement building in his stomach. He opened the door. medium-sized dog came out, exited and not realizing what was going on. "Hello there, I'm Lieutenant Paul Agustus, Chief Medical Officer of the USS Archimedes. And you are?" The dog barked as if it was responding. "Let's look at your file... Well your a girl... A Labrador-Border Collie mix... No Name? Well, I have the Perfect name for you."

"Captain, meet Laika our new dog," Paul said as he walked out of the Shuttle."Want me to stick around or go back to my office?"

"Your dismissed Doctor." and with that the Doctor walked away with a cute doggy in tow. Wesley figured the dog had about two weeks to live at the current rate of battles happening aboard the ship.

Stepping into the shuttle, Wesley reached for the anti-gravity dolly and began maneuvering the pallet towards Engineering. He couldn't trust anyone to handle this project for him, except his XO, but someone had to run the Bridge at these dangerous times. So here he was, trying to turn corners, and he hoped it would be far easier to install than to maneuver, but he didn't expect much. He would spend the next day working to install this device and to have it operational before they went into another battle.


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