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It's all a matter of cloaking...

Posted on Sat May 17th, 2014 @ 10:30am by Captain Wesley Chase & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Paul Agustus & Lieutenant Pengelou Pottinger Ms

Mission: The Great Hunt
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current

With the cloaking device installed by a select team of Engineers that Wesley had vetted himself, then warned that they would not be allowed to keep their memories of the event. This was a simple matter of security, for Dorium had already proven he could kidnap officers straight from the Bridge when he wanted to. So, to prevent any crewman from being able to be manipulated or tortured for either the frequency of the cloaking device or its many locations scattered throughout the ship, Wesley has ordered the Doctor to erase their short term memory of the last twelve hours.

The Doctor was not told why this was being done, just that if he didn't do it, Wesley would place him in the Brig and do the procedure himself. Something he was not at all comfortable with, but something he would do nonetheless. The only additional risk to Wesley performing the procedure himself would be the increased risk of brain damage to the patient. Wesley could live with that if he had to.

"Here they are Doc." Wesley said as he brought several engineers into Sickbay where they all took a seat on separate bio beds. "Once your done, call the counselor in to make surer there is no long term damage, tell her to probe their minds and be sure its all in tact. I will give her additional orders myself."

=^= Chase to Counselor. Report to Sickbay in one hour. Your to probe the minds of the crew and see if you can determine what they have been up to for the last twelve hours. =^= Wesley ordered

=^= Aye Sir =^= Pengelou responds.

"Ok,then."the doctor replied. "Now before we get started, do any of you have a heart condition?" All the engineers said no."good let's start with you then." Erasing memories is a tricky thing. If there is a complication, someone could end up with the mentality of a baby. Paul continued down the line, until all were finished. "There we are." =A="Counselor, you're wanted in sickbay."=A=


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