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RED ALERT! Counselor

Posted on Wed May 21st, 2014 @ 8:19pm by Captain Wesley Chase & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Paul Agustus

Mission: The Great Hunt
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Current

Tag Counselor making her way to sick bay to see the doctor

Jon tapped his com, "Grayson to Pottinger, please report to Sickbay. The
CMO is waiting for you."

"Send someone to her quarters to check on her." Wesley ordered a Lieutenant manning the operations at the moment. The Lieutenant sent Ensign Blink to check on the Counselor first at her quarters then, when there was no answer, the Ensign used the computer to track her down. She was located in her office, but not responding to com requests. It could be a basic com malfunction, which they would get checked out after verifying her safety.

Ensign Blink made the rather long journey from the Counselor's quarters to her office, and was forced to contact the Bridge for an override order of the door, his access not being enough obviously.

After getting the request from the Ensign, Wesley gave a voice authorization from the Bridge, and the door slid open. What the Ensign found, sent a shiver through the ship.

=^= Ensign Blink to Captain Chase. Intruder Alert Captain! =^=

"RED ALERT! Raise Shields, Security report to the Counselor's office, intruder alert!" Wesley yelled as he saw his Security Chief run from the Bridge towards the new destination. Wesley ran after the Security Chief and caught a different turbo lift heading the same direction. It would take nearly a full minute for him to arrive on scene, and by then the intruder would be gone, somehow able to transport through their shields with what was later guessed to be a transphasic personal transporter. Something currently only theorized by the Federation.

"How is she?" Wesley asked as he saw the body of the counselor laying on the floor.

"Dead Captain." reported an Ensign as they awaited the doctor's arrival. He would be late, knowing that she was already dead, and under orders to clear his current patients for active duty to rebuild the shield emitters to better protect the crew.

The Doctor arrived minutes later, to pronounce her dead, then arranged for the body to be moved to sick bay for an autopsy, as there were no obvious wounds, only slight burn marks on her temples.

Wesley ordered the First Officer to maintain a steady Red Alert until they were out of the Nebula.


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