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Posted on Wed May 28th, 2014 @ 9:44pm by Captain Wesley Chase & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Paul Agustus

Mission: The Great Hunt
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: Current

The doctor was asked to perform a quick autopsy to get information to the Captain as quick as possible, and hopefully to help save lives.

"Computer, activate EMH and start autopsy report recording," said Paul. The computer replied with the beep of acknowledgement. The EMH appeared. "What do you need sir?"

"Need an assistant. Counselor's dead and I need to do an autopsy," replied the Chief medical officer.
"Why don't you ask that thing over there?" He said pointing at Laika, who was sleeping in his office.
"Because That's a dog, Not one of the biggest advances in the medical practice. Anyway..." The doctor paused tho clear his throat. "Subject is a Female Betazoid-Klingon aged 35. Height 170.18 cm; Weighted as 165lbs; Hair Color is Brown; Eye Color is hazel. She has Minimal Klingon ridges. Burn marks on temples, and no other signs of entrance. And now that's out of the way..." Paul paused."Hand me that scalpel."

Ten minutes later...

"EMH, what's that?" asked Paul, pointing to a bluish liquid he had found first inside of the severely burned temples and now in the brain.

"It seems to be Canchures haspin, or CHH, a hormone commonly found in Klingons in small doses. It is used to help kill invading pathogens in the bloodstream. It was discovered very recently, I might add," replied the hologram.

"Where is it usually bloodstream? And usually at what levels?"Paul asked, starting to become suspicious of the high levels he was finding.

"Through the bloodstream, but usually at small or even trace levels. Why?" The hologram responded.
"I want to check something in my office. Give me a second?"Paul said, taking off his gloves. "And while your at it... Finish this autopsy?"

Paul didn't wait for a response. He strolled out of the operating room into his office. He sat down out at this computer and started to run simulations. Laika stirred and walked over to him. She growled and leaned up on him. He started to pet her. "Don't worry, this will all be over soon." He replied. The simulation ended." There it is!"
"=/\=Agustus to Chase and Grayson, autopsy's done. Who want's to come and learn about my afternoon?=/\=" Paul said through his combadge.

Jon exchanged a glance with Chase at the doctor's report. =^= We'll both come Doctor, That way you only have to make the report once.=^=

Wesley and Jon walked into Sickbay at the same time, seeing the still active EMH. Those photogenic particles always unnerved Wesley, who found holograms to be too real for his taste. They needed to look less human, then maybe they wouldn't try to get human rights all the time.

"What have you got Doctor?" Wesley asked, ignoring the computer program being transmitted through a holomatrix and violating the laws of nature.

Jon stood silently waiting for the Doctor to make his report. Hopefully he found something. They were losing crew members like flies and it had to stop!

"So here's what I've found out. The severe burn marks were caused by a heating element. The high amount of CHH, an obscure chemical in the Klingon bloodstream, but in high amount can kill, was to high to be normal levels. I ran some models and this is my theory: It seems that our counselor was not attacked. She was in a mind meld and someone injected it through the temple area and was burned to try to destroy the evidence." the doctor stated."Any questions?"

More species were being called into question, and more questions where going unanswered. Simply put, Wesley was losing control of his ship.


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