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A Disturbing Report

Posted on Sun May 25th, 2014 @ 2:02am by Vice Admiral Rhenora Kaylen

Mission: The Great Hunt
Location: USS Sunfire
Tags: Captain.


Vice Admiral Kaylen Rhenora's position was a unique one. Despite serving the fleet as Commanding Officer of the flagship - the USS Sunfire, she also served as a member of the Admiralty, and thus was kept abreast of all current missions and events on the fleet's numerous starships. Whilst she didn't have the available time to read each and every report filed by every ships CO, she did take in the abridged version prepared by her Yeoman which made the daily update a much more digestible process.

The latest report from the USS Archimedes was disturbing to say the least, and since the Sunfire had just wrapped their latest mission, she decided to catch up with the Archimedes to see what was going on for herself. There were questions, many questions that remained to be answered - she just hope the Commanding Officer would be forthcoming.

Picking up the padd she was reading as well as her stainless steel coffee mug, the Admiral headed from her small ready room onto the equally as small bridge. The Defiant class vessels were not designed to be spacious - they were powerful and effective fighting machines with little luxury for those that called them home. Over the years she'd become accustomed to the cramped quarters and living conditions, and the equally as tight working conditions. Small her ship was - but mighty, packing a punch whenever she was pushed to deliver it.

"Helm, set a course to rendezvous with the Archimedes - it's time we paid them a little visit." She ordered, and settled herself in the command chair. This was indeed going to be an interesting visit.



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