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USS Sunfire to Archimedes

Posted on Thu May 29th, 2014 @ 6:01pm by Captain Wesley Chase & Vice Admiral Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Jonathan Grayson

Mission: The Great Hunt
Location: Bridge's
Timeline: Current

"Ship detected on long range sensors." reported the Operations officer who was running scans for any vessels seeing as so far the Archimedes and the damaged ship they had stumbled upon where the only two around, still floating nose to nose. About the same time the report of a ship on long range sensors came into view screen range, the damaged ship set course away and Operations identified it as a Federation vessel. A moment later the ship was identified.

"Sir!" yelled the Ensign at Operations.

"What Ensign?" Wesley asked.

"It's the Sunfire approaching us."

=^= XO to Bridge, double time. =^= Wesley ordered using his combadge then ordered a channel opened.

Down in Engineering,Jon heard Chase's urgent call =^= On my way=^= as he sprinted toward the nearest lift, wondering what could be so urgent for him to double time it to the bridge.

Moments later the lift doors hissed opened and he stepped onto the bridge. "Okay, what's so urgent I had to double time it to the bridge?" He asked as he came alongside Chase's chair.

"This is Captain Wesley Chase, are you there Admiral?" he asked. Wesley had once or twice been rescued by the female Admiral whom he found attractive but left that detail to himself. No use in causing trouble when he needed her on his side to keep him from getting killed from time to time. His Godfather, the fleet XO, had sent this particular Admiral more than once to save his skin, and he did truly appreciate her battlefield and diplomatic skills.

The image on the view screen changed from the star field to the bridge of a Defiant class warship, it's utilitarian nature unmissable in the absence of any luxury and only the most basic comforts. She was small, but the Sunfire was mighty. Sitting in the command chair was a petite older woman, blonde hair flecked with the tinges of grey sporting the rank bar of a Vice Admiral.

"Captain Chase, long time no see" Kaylen stood as she addressed the other ship's Captain. It wasn't exactly protocol, but she considered it polite. " May we be of assistance?"

"Why Yes Admiral, I believe you can be. I invite you to join my first officer and I for a discussion but I should warn you, we are facing an enemy that can board us with shields up and assault or kidnap my crew while the shields remain in place. Simply put Admiral, your not safe here in the Necram Expanse, and I dont know if you should join us, or get as far away as you can before they end up kidnapping an Admiral as well." Wesley was starting to feel defeated, his ship was simply no match for whatever technology they were facing.

Jon stood to Chase's side waiting for the Admiral and Chase to finish their little talk. Being in the presence of the Admiral didn't faze him in the bit. He was used to being with powerful people. Given his connections to Sarek and his family.

Kaylen had the decency to raise an delicately arched eyebrow at the Captain's words... obviously the status reports she had been keeping abreast of were a day or two old. Something she would need to speak to Command about as soon as this little 'issue' was resolved.

"If this technology can take people whilst your shields are up there's a good chance they can take my people as well. That being said, I haven't walked away from a fight in 50 years, I don't plan on starting now. I'll beam over shortly, exchange what information we have, and come up with a plan. All you need to do is have a strong coffee there waiting for me" Rhenora said with a glimmer of a smile. Finally something she could sink her teeth into.


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