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Prep for the Admiral

Posted on Mon Jun 2nd, 2014 @ 4:21pm by Captain Wesley Chase & Vice Admiral Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Ensign Jake Costello & Lieutenant Paul Agustus & Lieutenant Hisa Matsuko & Lieutenant Commander Leandro Balt & Lieutenant Commander William Mithi

Mission: The Great Hunt
Location: Everywhere
Timeline: Current

As the channel closed, after the Admiral agreed to transport over within the hour, Wesley gave his first officer the order to get all crew into cleaning mode, and for senior staff to be dressed in official attire. He wasn't going to have the Admiral report back that he was anything less than professional and welcoming.

"Yes sir." Jon answered simply at the order preferring to keep his thoughts and opinions to himself. Opening the ship wide com he gave the message, "Attention crew of the Archimedes. In approximately one hour we will be host to a Senior Officer, therefore you are hereby required to clean this ship up now. I mean white glove inspection people. No conduits lying in the corridor, no exposed consoles. I want this ship to shine." He paused letting the message sink in and then continued. "Furthermore all Senior Staff are to wear their dress whites. No exceptions, so don't ask. The clock's ticking getting it done."

Paul was already cleaning up when he heard the announcement. With his autopsy patient, or 'victim' as the EMH had called her, sown back up and body in the morgue, the Sickbay was already very, very clean. As he finished washing the last of the scalpels he had used, Laika, the dog, walked over and leaned against his leg. "You really shouldn't be doing that, I could cut myself right now,"said Paul, looking down at the dog. she growled in response, rubbing on his leg. Agustus put down the tool, and crouched petting the dog as he received slobber all over his face. "Cut it out! there's an senior officer coming aboard,"he kinda shouted."And besides, you need a bath. Come on, let's go back to our little 'apartment' and get ready." Paul got up, put the scalpel away, and walked to his quarters with Laika in tow.

Jake looked up from his station an let out a slight groan. He stood up straight and there was a gurgling sound as all of his body below the neck reverted to a semi-gelatinous state. After about six seconds his bod materialized but instead of his usual uniform, he was in his white dress uniform. Jake proceeded to kick his bucket further under his chair so it was out of sight. He liked that it was easy for him to switch clothing at a moments notice but one restriction he couldn't stand was reverting back to a liquid state every 15 hours. He continued to punch in a few commands at his consul before doing standard maintenance at the station.

Perhaps out of all the stations on board the ship, the one that needed to be put back together the most was engineering but it was organized...mostly. Hisa had picked a hell of a time to run some routine maintenance on a few of the secondary systems. She was crouched with her assistant next to one panel when the order came through over the comm and she took a quick glance around the engineering deck to see what the rest of her on-duty staff was doing. "Looks like we'll have to wait till after the Admiral leaves," Hisa said to the young Terran male. "Make sure we get those panels put back and have everyone do a quick clean. I'm going to head over to get all spiffed up." Hisa groaned inwardly. If there was one thing she didn't like doing, it was dragging out her dress uniform. An order was an order though and she gave a backward glance through the doors to engineering before heading for the turbolift.

Captain Wesley Chase found his way to his quarters, which were lavish by his standards. He had his collection of written works, an archaic but nostalgic collection that Wesley held onto to remind him of the past. On his far right wall was a picture that he valued more than many other things he had, it was a picture of him with Admiral Wakeland who was his Godfather. His only family. Sure, he was a Betazoid by blood but raised by Humans. The Admiral in fact, after his parents died while aboard a Federation vessel. He has been at school back on Earth and while that may have saved his life, though he may have rather died with his parents back then.

Getting dressed up was something he really enjoyed, and if he had his way the whole ship would be dressed up at all times. But alas, they were falling apart and probably would look ridiculous dressed to the nines while standing on rusted plates. Wesley dawned on his shirt and pants, dug out the boots that didn't have blue paint on them from the time he attempted to repaint the Bridge while everyone was asleep, and got himself together. This was it.

Leandro was sitting in his office working on brushing up on the captives, what they're family lives were like, what their careers had been like. He found that in a situation like hostage negotiations, knowing the hostages well made it seem to the other side that he really cared for the captives and it usually gave him another edge in the negotiations. He sighed when the order to clean up came across the comm channel =/\= This is Balt, acknowledging last transmission. =/\=

Balt organized the PADDs on his desk before leaving the office. He usually kept a clean and organized work space so there was not much effort required. There was more on his desk at the moment than usual but the situation was more grave than normal too. He made his way to his quarters and quickly changed uniforms. The nature of his business meant that he wore his dress uniform almost as much as the regular duty one. He even had a separate pair of boots that were kept at a high polish and never worn for regular duty.

"I'd better be ready to meet the Admiral." Balt told himself. "She's going to want to know the situation. On his way to the bridge to await the Admiral and the inevitable conference room briefing, he swung by his office and picked up two PADDs that contained his notes on the situation and how he was planning to handle the upcoming diplomatic discussions.

After giving the order to clean up both the ship and themselves, Jon went to his quarters to change into his dress whites. He neither liked nor disliked getting 'dressed up' it was just a fact of life, that while in Starfleet, there would be occasions where you had to dress the part. He simply accepted it and that was that. Once he was done, he checked himself in the mirror, smoothing out any wrinkles in the uniform and wiped imaginary dust from his shoulders. He then returned to the bridge to await the Admiral's arrival.

With the announcement of an admiral coming aboard their ship within the hour william whipped his room into shape in a few minutes. He usually kept it in fair order but usually skipped the dusting leaving that for times like this. Thinking to himself after wiping the fan off seeing the inches of dust come off. This needs to happen more, mental note to dust weekly. Once he had that in order he showered, got his dress whites on and checked the science station to ensure it was orderly and clean. His tendency was to keep his station and office area clean enough to eat off the surfaces if you had too. With everything in order he made his way to the bridge.

Precisely one hour after the Sunfire had made contact, the Admiral stepped onto the small transporter platform in the Sunfire's transporter room, her uniform neat and completely regulation issue. Her boots were neatly polished, completely the image of complete professionalism. Not something she enjoyed, but more one she begrudgingly accepted. She could get away with a standard duty uniform on board the Sunfire, but visits to other Starships required a level of stiffer decorum.

" Signal the Archimedes that we're ready for transport" She ordered, and waited patiently for the reply.

Arriving back on the Bridge just moments before the signal came through, Wesley gave the order to transport in in thirty seconds, then had himself beamed to the transporter room to greet his guest who materialized only seconds after he had.

"Welcome Admiral!" Wesley said cheerfully, loving being dressed up.

" Thank you Captain" Kaylen replied pleasantly, noting the dress uniform on everyone present. It appeared everyone had gone to a lot of effort in preparation for her arrival.

" Whilst I'd like to say that this was a social call, I can't. Would you mind giving me the latest update on your current situation?" She asked as she stepped off the transporter platform and walked up to the Captain, extending her hand in a gesture of welcome.


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