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Meeting with the Admiral (Part 1)

Posted on Wed Jun 11th, 2014 @ 5:55pm by Captain Wesley Chase & Vice Admiral Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Hedy Lamarr
Edited on on Wed Jun 11th, 2014 @ 6:13pm

Mission: The Great Hunt
Location: Conference Room 1 (the only conference room)
Timeline: Current

As the Admiral took her seat, Wesley offered her anything from the replicator, and after she placed a small order of something to drink, it was discovered that the replicator wasn't working in the conference room. Of course not. Wesley ordered Engineering to fix it upon their completion of using the room, and suggested they move the meeting to Wesley's Ready Room where he knew the replicator worked, only to have the Admiral say that wasn't needed. So here they sat, possibly dying of thirst, about ready to explain to the Admiral their current dilemma.

"Well Admiral." Wesley started, "I would first like to thank you for coming. Gods know I have run out of ideas and ways to protect my crew."

" As much as I'd like to say 'start from the beginning' I have a feeling time is of the essence here. Give me the abridged version. What exactly has been happening here... and I want a little more than what's in your daily report," Vice Admiral Kaylen sat back against her chair and gently clasped her hands on the table. She'd almost die for a coffee right about now but there were more important issues at hand.

"I have to explain, Dorium, the bad guy here in the Necram Expanse, runs the entire area from a bar. Our last meeting with him in an attempt to negotiate resulted in him filling the room with smoke, and though we had taken considerable security measures, we were unable to protect our people. I lost two crew that day. Kidnapped we assume as no body was left behind. Dorium vanished with them and took with him the wares that Mother Yackle had brought with us to offer as a trade." Wesley explained.

"What makes this guy worse than anyone we have encountered before is he can kidnap my crew off the Bridge with shields up and us at Red Alert Admiral." Wesley added then looked to his First Officer.

"Anything to add?" Wesley asked his executive officer, hoping he wasn't forgetting anything.

Jon sat and listened patiently as Chase explained their dealings with Dorium and their lack of success in bringing him to justice and waited to be called upon to add anything in. "The man's smart, Admiral- or rather I should say, shrewd. He covers his bases. The fact that he does business from a bar which I daresay he owns proves it. He has the advantage and odds in his favor. We need to level the playing field. We start by neutralizing whatever he's using to penetrate our shields."

Wesley nodded then looked to the Admiral. His first officer was correct, something needed to be done, but what?

Rhenora thought for a moment, running several scenarios through her mind as the two command officers spoke.

" You've tried to negotiate with him already?" She clarified " Yourself? And this technology, do you have any sensor data that we could use to analyze it and formulate a defense? Possibly if we get both crews working together we may come up with a viable solution." She offered, realizing that the Archimedes was way out of their depth here.

"Admiral, sensors detect nothing, not even a residual signature of a transporter." Wesley added, obviously frustrated.

"And yes, I tried negotiating personally. As you know I spent years with the Federation Diplomatic Corps so I honestly thought I could handle it." Wesley added.

Kaylen thought for another moment before replying. "You do have a diplomatic corp on board, do you not? Are we able to utilize them to at least possibly buy us some time? Perhaps our Engineers could rig something to block their transporters...EM fields, reversing the shield polarity, changing shield frequencies...SOMETHING has to work, I refuse to believe otherwise."

"Admiral, with all respect, we refuse to believe otherwise as well. What you have suggested we've tried." Jon said patiently, "We do have diplomatic personnel but I believe Dorium would see through another attempt to talk with them.... unless we led him to believe that we had something he wanted that he couldn't get through by transporting."

"Let me see if I can get someone from science down here to come up with a solution. Stand by Admiral." Wesley said.

=^= Chase to Science Lab. Send me someone to help work out a shields issue please.=^=

The delicately tapered pointed ears perked up slightly at the call, and the scientist who knew the answers stepped forward to volunteer. "I know a little bit about multiphasic shield permutations and their interactions with quantum fields and direct tight-beaming. I can handle this one if you'd like, Chief?" she volunteered, a warm and friendly smile gracing her bronzed features.

With a nod and a wink, the sultry scientist turned on her heel, snatching up a PADD as she left Science Lab 3. of course she knew what was going on, and it was only cheating a little bit to modulate the shields to protect the crew. After all, historically speaking, she would never have been here... but this did give her a chance to watch and record a nice little turning point in history. And in the long run that was the important thing... that history was preserved and future generations could study it as recorded firsthand.

Tapping her way through the PADD, she absently noted news of the day, wondering just how the captain of the Avalon would present himself in person. And that was the thought on her mind as her emerald green eyes scanned the PADD while she brought up the shield specs and prepared to deliver a simple presentation on quantum shield mechanics and sensor fine-tuning that would lead the Avalon to the first piece of solving their conundrum.


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