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Meeting with the Admiral (Part 2)

Posted on Wed Jun 11th, 2014 @ 5:56pm by Captain Wesley Chase & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Hedy Lamarr & Vice Admiral Rhenora Kaylen

Mission: The Great Hunt
Location: Conference Room
Timeline: current

Which meant that as the doors to the briefing room slid open and she stepped inside, she was caught completely unawares by just whom was already in the room... and just whom might recognize her through her almost nonexistent disguise. After all, cheerful auburn-haired pointy-eared well-tanned bombshells with a penchant for showing off weren't exactly common on starships of this or any other era.

"You have GOT to be kidding me...."The words escaped Rhenora's lips before the decorum almost inbuilt into her DNA could stop the. "You came here?" If her jaw could have dropped any further it would have landed somewhere in the bowels of Engineering.

There was that instant where the briefest flicker of recognition passed across the buxom bombshell's face.. and by flicker of recognition, shock and surprise would be appropriate descriptions. Then the mask slid into place, the disarming smile came up and the slight head tilt all turned on, even as the body language changed to coquettish and shy.

"Vice Admiral? I'm sorry, I don't understand... I thought the Captain called for the science department?" If she were not so familiar with the woman and her acting skills and antics, Rhenora might even have believed the innocent act and dismissed the initial reaction as a junior officer being barked at by one senior. But she knew better... because she knew exactly who this was. A few more lines around the eyes and the face wasn't quite as free of lines as the last time she'd seen her, but there was no mistaking the identity of this particular 'science lieutenant'.

"You and I will talk the meantime there's more important fish to fry" Rhenora retorted, trying to regain a shred of dignity and decorum. "What have you found?"

The left eyebrow quirked slightly, and the corner of the mouth curled ever so slightly in what could be interpreted as a silent challenge of 'oh will we?'. But when the pointy-eared science officer spoke, she was all business.

"Best guess is that Dorium has the shield frequencies, sir. With them he can beam through the shields without warning, locking onto a subject and beaming. Good news is that he is likely doing it from somewhere relatively close, within 40,000 kilometers. So either he has a cloaked ship nearby- unlikely- or a cloaked base on the planet- more likely- and he is beaming crew out to gain leverage and make himself appear to be somewhat unstoppable." The emerald eyes flickered up from the PDD and looked around the room.

"That's my educated guess, at least," she offered with a seismic shrug, in a tone that made it seem as if this wasn't a guess in the least.

"I thought you said you'd changed the shield frequencies?" Rhenora turned her attention away from her ex-science officer and back to the Captain.

"Sure, but nothing says he can't get them again seeing as I don't know how he got them in the first place Admiral," Chase replied sheepishly.

"Mmmm, and if he has the new frequencies he can keep beaming through them. Which he could accomplish through prognostication, telepathy or a mole. You didn't download any information from him by chance, did you Captain?" Try as she might, the science smartass just couldn't really contain herself when figuring out a mystery, and she was sounding less like a junior science officer by the minute.

"No, I admit I am out gunned or outsmarted this time." Wesley said, not exactly full of pride anymore. His ego would take some time to recover from this one.

"Sooo I guess I'll get the science department working on finding the Trojan Horse in the system sir. And in the meanwhile, if we step up and start adjusting our shields to perform multiphasic operations then perhaps that would prevent any further 'surprise' beam-outs- though that means we couldn't use our transporters either," the bronzed beauty offered helpfully.

"Then lets do this quickly, before we have a missing Admiral. The Sunfire will need to be able to do this as well, quickly." Wesley said, truly more concerned about losing the Admiral than anyone else. He couldn't explain that one to his Godfather.

"Actually that assumes that he or they know the Sunfire's shield codes sir..." the science officer started to reply, then bit off the rest of her response before finishing. Of course, the Sunfire had a protocol of phasing their shields, given their encounters in the past.

"I'll order my crew to rotate the shield frequencies on a random basis every 30 seconds. That should slow them down at least. Now if he's kidnapped crew members, we are assuming they are still alive - yes? Until we have evidence otherwise?" Rhenora prompted, looking around at the assembled officers.

"Yes Admiral, I am working under the assumption that the hostages, all of them, are still alive until I see or hear otherwise. Gods willing." Wesley said, rarely invoking the Gods anymore.

" Don't lose hope Captain, we will get them back" The older Admiral affirmed, giving the Captain a look that said many things, one of them was ' You must not lose hope in front of your crew or they will lose hope as well'.

"Besides, things have a way of working out once you start working on them," the statuesque science officer tossed in unasked, as the three flag officers turned to regard her cooly. "Riiiiight, I'll just get going to work on those shield modulations..."


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