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Hell hath no fury I

Posted on Mon Jun 16th, 2014 @ 7:42am by Lieutenant Hedy Lamarr & Vice Admiral Rhenora Kaylen & Captain Wesley Chase

Mission: The Great Hunt
Location: Science Lab 3, Deck 5
Timeline: 2386

Wesley excused himself from the meeting once it was over, so he could speak with his bridge crew about the coming modifications. This left the Admiral with the freedom to walk the ship, which Wesley hoped she would find clean. Wesley wasn't sure but even he could sense many emotions between the Admiral and the Science Officer that Wesley didn't remember seeing aboard before. She was attractive, he gave her that, but it was her brain he needed, and he fervently hoped her ideas would work.

As the Captain left the room, Admiral Kaylen took a moment to check in with the Sunfire, advising them of what was discussed and ordering P'trell to rotate the shield frequencies randomly every 30 seconds to help prevent any further unauthorized transporter activity. They didn't have that much time on their hands, but she felt the need to explore this fine ship a little. The functionality and appearance of the working areas of a starship were a direct reflection on her command staff. Clean and efficient ship meant a well working Captain. She would deal with McCray in a little while, using the stroll to compose what she might say to the woman who deserted her ship and her post.

She spent a good hour wandering the halls of the Archimedes, casting her eyes over every station, every crewman, every junction in the meantime. The ship seemed in reasonable shape considering what they'd been through, and for that she was relieved.

Eventually her feet led her to the science lab where she hesitated for a moment or two before pressing the chime.

The door to Science Lab Three slid open, and there filling the doorway stood the bronze-skinned seductress, looking quite a bit more as she remembered her- weight shifted to one leg, hand draped casually on one rounded hip as the other hand rested against the doorway, while one eyebrow cocked up high and a smirk was placed firmly on her face. Although the eyes were once again that odd pale blue as to appear almost silver once more, Rhenora noted that they held no warmth to them as they often did.

"Admiral. What a surprise. Won't you come in," she said flatly without an ounce of surprise in her voice before turning to sashay away from the door, that exaggerated swiveling stride of hers back in full swing once more. Apparently she wasn't bothering to hide her identity- at least, not to Kaylen Rhenora.

" Is it such a surprise, you knew I'd be coming here," Rhenora replied, determined to get to the bottom of this little time traveler's story " You DO know the future, after all..."

"You lack the capacity to surprise me, Kaylen," the seductress sighed dismissively.

"Off course I was expecting you. I've been using the lifeform sensors to track you on your little inspection tour walkabout for the past hour waiting to see how long it was going to take you to come after me for our little 'chat'. After all, you do pride yourself in being a woman of your word," she said, the words carrying a laconic bitterness to them. "And you can speak freely- I've got false sensor data overlaying our actual interaction in here to insure our privacy without alerting anyone to a blind spot."

Leave it to McCray to have the angles covered and be unable to resist showing off that fact. She rested her rounded rear against a control panel, crossed her arms beneath her prodigious bust and waited. The smirk had faded to a more confrontational expression, those angular brows brought down closer together at the base.

If the Admiral wasn't mistaken, the time traveler appeared to be mad at her.

" Wait just a cotton picking moment here... I'm mad at you, why the hell are you mad at me?" Rhenora retorted, her ire rising already. How the heck did McCray always antagonise her so much?

That earned her a rueful snickering in reply. "I'd explain it to you if I thought it would do any good. But I somehow doubt I'd be able to pierce your veil of self-righteousness long enough for any actual self-reflection to occur," the younger woman snarked. "So why don't you stick to familiar territory and get whatever diatribe you have to throw my way out into the open and over with so we can all get on with the course of historic events, shall we?"

" What the hell... you left MY ship... and took MY Science Officer with you... with nothing but a hastily scrawled letter to explain yourselves. We might not have gotten along, but damnit we NEEDED you!" Rhenora spat, knowing that McCray would have known that was coming.

"You didn't need me! You had your crew of sycophants and toadies, and anyone that didn't fit that bill had to fall in line or they just got lost. What happened to Be'vaQ? What happened to McCall? Stockwell? Koralov? Khagan? Arron? Weller?" The auburn-tressed tempest leaned in close, her pale eyes ablaze. "Or how about Ramthorne...?"

The words struck Rhenora like a physical slap to the face - which in fact she would have preferred. She kept her tone as civil as humanly possible " They all left for their own reasons. Life on the Sunfire is hard, our crew turnover rate is higher than most ships due to the nature of the work we have to do."

"Yet you never have a second thought for any of them. No goodbyes, no farewells... just keep the ship moving, on to the next mission. never look back and see what's in your wake, and if someone disappears, oh well. Yet if they show back up you're right there ready for your explanation." Leaning in closer, the time traveler fairly hissed the next words.

"And don't you dare bring up Rain. Don't. You. Dare."

"I can't choose who stays and who leaves. All I can do is hope they are happy wherever they go. It's the nature of the business. This ship has had the highest mission success rate out of ALL ships in the fleet...despite the abject crap they make us do. We ALWAYS get it down cos we work as a family. And despite when family leaves, they are still family." The words were low and dangerous, as though pushing a little harder would cause all kinds of danger and disaster.

"Family? Hell of a substitute, Kaylen," McCray leaned back then a wicked smile crossed her face. "How's Remal?

" You know exactly how he is." The words were dark and filled with an indescribable pain that she still hadn't acknowledged herself.

"Yeah. I do know how he is. And you don't. Because you and your precious success rate always get it done, and you're too busy doing that to notice what's going on right in front of you until it's too late." The tempestuous traveler had crossed the line, but she wasn't finished just yet. "You want to know why I left? You REALLY want to know, Kaylen?"

" I have the distinct feeling you're going to shout it in my face whether I want to hear it or not," The Bajoran Admiral retorted, her brows narrowing in anger.

Her answer was a Grinch-like smile, mirthless and cold from the pointy-eared scientist. "Guess you don't want to know after all. Get out of here, Kaylen."


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