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Hell hath no fury 2

Posted on Mon Jun 16th, 2014 @ 7:44am by Lieutenant Hedy Lamarr & Vice Admiral Rhenora Kaylen

Mission: The Great Hunt
Location: Science Lab 3, Deck 5
Timeline: 2386

" And I if refuse? What will you do then? Vanish to some other point in time like you always do when things don't go your way? Escape and try elsewhere? You run from your problems instead of facing them, McCray. At least I stay and get the job done instead if leaving it for others to clean up." Rhenora kept her tone low, refusing to raise her voice despite the undeniable urge to.

The pale eyes turned dark-literally, filling in black like a Betazoid's. When she spoke, her voice was deadly cold. "Rain Lexington was deciding how to kill herself when I came across her... in the original timeline that's just what she did. You never figured out what happened to her, nor did you particularly investigate... just like when she was kidnapped right off your ship."

"Your moron dragon was going to have your pet smurf run me to death in the holodeck for insubordination, and when I tugged on her denial system, she fell apart. Rain had to carve out huge chunks of her memory just to get her up and functional again, because serving under you had been so traumatic for her she was broken beyond repair. I'll bet you never even noticed. And you," McCray leaned in closer, her voice a ragged whisper. "You have the gall to lecture me about running from my problems. Kirk could take a lesson in never following through from you, Kaylen. The Dominion show back up yet to take revenge for Weyoun and Minshara yet? How's Coralee doing? Gone to Cardassia yet?"

" How dare you. You've never stayed in one place to ever see the consequences of your own actions! For the record, the People of Coralee have regrouped and are rebuilding, Minshara hasn't made comment of any further Gods, and as for Cardassia... I have no idea what you're talking about there, but of course, you do." Why was it that McCray always seemed to push her buttons to make her angry?

"Just how much of my career do you know, Kaylen? How much of it have you studied? You don't know me... you never did and you never will, but you sure can judge me, can't you? Ignore all the parts that are inconvenient truths and just go back on the attack. Brilliant tactic, Kaylen. And you wonder why I took Rain and left?" The look of revulsion on the woman's face was pure and unmistakable.

" How am I supposed to know you when you don't exist anywhere. You just appear, and then disappear taking whoever you wanted with you!" Kaylen replied " There is no file, no nothing- I can only go on what you told me. What the hell is it that you want me to do if I'm so damned horrible?"

"Yet you can judge me. What is it I want you to do? Nothing, Kaylen. Not a damned thing. I asked you for somewhere to stay and something to do... and by the time you got back to your ship I would have either had to pacify the entire command staff or be in the brig. What do I want from you?" McCray stepped in close, too close.

"Stay the hell out of my way and let me do my job. And keep your high and mighty judgments to yourself."

" Are you angry and me, or angry at yourself? Just ask yourself that one little question before you burn the only bridge to a friend you have," Rhenora replied before turning on her heel and walking towards the door, her mind a flurry of emotion and anger.

There were a dozen retorts that came to mind, but 'Lieutenant Hedy Lamarr' didn't bother with any of them. After all, she knew how much Kaylen loved to get in the last word- and if she gave it to her, she'd leave, and likely the two of them could avoid one another for the rest of this encounter. The Bajoran admiral paused and half-turned at the door.

" I'm gonna put it out there... despite the way you think I'm the worlds worst Captain, Flag officer, friend and humanoid in the universe, I hope you're happy Liviana, and I hope you and Rain stay together. No-one deserves to be that angry and twisted." And with that, she left the science officer to her work.. or more likely to stew in the confinement of her own lab. She was just about to step through the door when a quiet voice stilled her.

"She's dead," McCray admitted quietly, almost too quietly to be heard.

" How?" The anger was gone, left over with the bitter aftermath of soured emotions wrung through the proverbial wringer.

"Romulus... Gran was losing the throne and it was all going to Tartarus. All we had to do was grab the Sword of S'task and make our getaway and we'd be fine... but there was a shield over the Senate, and we couldn't beam out. So there were the tunnels, and we made for them, with the centurions in pursuit. Then Rain... she got caught up in fighting them." McCray's usual cocksure composure had faded, and her voice was low and quiet.

"She was like that sometimes... she just got so angry sometimes, when she was fighting. And I called to her but she wouldn't stop... that ti'yala of hers flashing like a whirlwind. She was amazing..." the buxom bombshell paused at that, struggling for composure as she related the memory. At the press of her fingers to her palm, a hologram of the moment projected from her right hand, showing Rain Lexington, the former chief science officer of the USS Sunfire, wearing a uniform from a hundred years ago, battling Romulan centurions in a great marble hallway.

Then the green disruptor beams began firing, and she fought on, even as a familiar bronze hand reached out to her. And as she turned to run, a short, wide gladius blade thrust through her chest from behind as a cloaked guardsman appeared, having penetrated her defenses. The light ebbed from her eyes and she slumped, the Betazoid warrior weapon clattering to the floor.

"We took... we took vengeance, ohhh, did we take vengeance," McCray promised through trembling lips, tears rolling down her cheeks. "But it was just vengeance... it wouldn't bring her back. Nothing would. And after that I left the twenty-third century." The hologram flickered back out of sight, and the bronzed beauty hugged herself, rocking slightly back and forth.

"Go ahead, say whatever it is you're going to say, Kaylen." The words carried no bitter acrimony, only defeat if anything.


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