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Enjoy the paradox

Posted on Mon Jun 16th, 2014 @ 7:46am by Vice Admiral Rhenora Kaylen & Lieutenant Hedy Lamarr

Mission: The Great Hunt
Location: Science Lab 3, Deck 5
Timeline: 2386

"Wow... that screws with my concept of time on a number of levels " Rhenora admitted sagely, regarding the time traveller. "The offer stands though - if you want to rejoin the Sunfire, your old lab is waiting for you."

"Give her projects, Kaylen. Keep her occupied and give her the impression that you might possibly be doing more than simply tolerating her, and that you might conceivably even like her as a person," McCray advised, her voice not commanding but gently pleading. "She's got a good heart, and she's brilliant... but she needs to feel appreciated. She needs to feel as though she is wanted there, and that needs to come from you. Her relationship with authority figures has always been rocky at best... but the little jaunt to the past taught her a lot, you'll find. Just give her a chance, all right? And maybe a lot of slack..."

" A little slack I can give... not a lot," Rhenora gently amended " Can't have rules for some and rules for others remember, but I can see what I can do" There was an honesty in the words that rang true.

"Please, Kaylen... she meant... means the world to me. Just go easy on her, okay?" There was a note in the time traveler's voice that the Bajoran Admiral had never heard before... that of honest and genuine humility. With that she realized that McCray asked not for herself, but for the woman she loved.

" I'll do what I can for the both of you - just don't go running amok during work hours okay? There's only so much 'grace' I can give. You've got yourself a deal." There was a smile that accompanied the warmth in the words. It would be nice to give things a second chance with both Rain and Liviana. It seemed they needed it in more ways than one.

"I can't promise what I'll do... but I will advise them and let them both know what to expect," the scot scientist replied honestly. "Though for what it's worth... part of the reason I left was because I could never do anything right on the Sunfire. It's hard to disappoint your heroes consistently, and with you it seemed all I could do was cause you grief and get into trouble. I guess... I never dealt well with failure." The wry smile accompanied the admission, and there was contrition in the woman's face.

" There's an old song I heard once, " It's a long way up when you hit the ground".. or something like that, but it means it can't get any worse, it can only get better" Rhenora blushed at forgetting the other half of the lyric, damnit it would have fit perfectly.

"On top of the world, by 'Imagine Dragons', track #3 on the album Continued Silence," McCray supplied. "Yeah, I'm familiar. And I know it's hard when you're falling down, and it's a long way up when you hit the ground. What are you trying to tell me here, Admiral? There was bemusement in the eyes of the brilliant bombshell, as her memory served her in this instance, but she was trying to be helpful even as her know-it-all tendencies once again resurfaced a bit.

" That you can't keep falling forever, and things things will get better. Just.. stick with is a while okay?" Kaylen said with a quirky smile.

"Tell her that, Captain-Admiral," the tempestuous traveler quipped, using the nickname she had acquired on her tough little ship. "Remember, Rain's... well, she's Rain. And I'm used to success, particularly at that stage of my life. And I'm going to give myself a chance to correct one of the biggest mistakes I ever made... just don't let me get convinced I traded one mistake for another one, all right? 'I'll see what I can do' isn't much of a commitment from you either, and it doesn't exactly fill me with confidence. You're the legendary commander and leader here, whose word was bond. I'll do my part and get them back where they ought to be... the rest is up to you."

"As for this situation, the crewmen are dead... he beamed them out but never rematerialized them, so hunt for them, but they're gone. And he did it all just to show off his 'power' and improve his bargaining position- the lives mean nothing to Dorium's people, just the deal. The Sunfire is safe, and now so are the Archimedes crew," McCray reassured. "Simple shield modulations, and the science department will have the worm in the computer system identified within the hour and disabled within two, and I gave a broad enough hint that they should be able to use it to feed his people disinformation by hour four. Pass along what you like to Captain Chase and that ought to nudge things in the right direction."

" I might give him a nudge in the right direction without revealing the source of course," Rhenora promised, making some mental notes to avoid arousing suspicion. "When are you thinking of rejoining us?" She asked.

"That's up to the stars, lady. Buuuuut... if I know me... I'd probably time it so that our arrival would be... very convenient and timely for the Sunfire. After all, I do love to make an entrance," McCray grinned cheekily. "Likely in an hour of need or something of the like. Not like I plan to move ahead a few years from here, study a bit of this timeline so that I can make a recommendation to myself in the past..."

" When is the Sunfire not in an hour of need?" Rhenora chuckled with good nature, admitting that her little warship saw more than its fair share of time under tension. Not that it bothered her, things were never - EVER dull on her ship.

"Mmmm, right now. basically whenever you aren't on it," McCray replied, as a doorway in reality opened behind her. Beyond the shapely scientist, Rhenora could see what appeared to be the bridge of a ship, one with advanced controls and no one manning the stations. "Wish me luck, Kaylen. And maybe I'll be seeing you again soon... though don't be surprised if I don't remember this conversation." Stepping back through the odd portal in reality, she waggled her fingers as the cut in reality closed. "Enjoy the paradox..."

" What in the name of...." Rhenora swore as the caught of glimpse of what was most likely the future. A future that she wasn't supposed to see yet that McCray had allowed her a glimpse of. As predicted there had been next to no time pass during their conversation, as had there been any record of McCray being on the ship at all - apart from those she interacted with. Interesting paradox to say the least. With a sigh the older Admiral turned on her heel and went to find Captain Chase.


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