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Posted on Tue Jun 17th, 2014 @ 9:21pm by Lieutenant JG Penelope Naroot

Mission: The Great Hunt
Location: Helm

Penny's fingers were tapping on her hips and she was bopping unashamedly to the beat in her head as the turbolift brought her to the bridge. She still thought of music as one of the most amazing things creatures in the galaxy had invented.

As the 'lift doors opened, she swished onto the bridge and snapped a quick wave to the ensign at life-sciences. As the most junior member of the senior staff, she'd begun making friends among the lower ranks more than the higher thus far. She'd attended staff meetings, exchanged pleasantries, but hadn't had much of a chance to socialize with them in the weeks she'd been on board, having spent most of her time at the helm.

She slipped smoothly into her chair, still tapping out the beat in her head as she arranged her boards along the helm. Treating it as her own personal pipe organ she played out her tune on the panels, silently rocking out as she went.

Her message board suddenly lit up with the text, "you're doing it again and he's watching." She paused and glanced back at the lieutenant in the center chair and gave a meek smile. "Sorry," she mouthed and turned back to the viewscreen.

"Don't worry baby, we'll play later," she whispered to her console, kissing her index finger and pressing it against the helm. She looked back up at the viewscreen, having finished all her necessary calculations and stared at the space in front of them, enjoying the view, tapping her fingers idly on the console.


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