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Getting to Know You

Posted on Wed Feb 29th, 2012 @ 2:02pm by Lieutenant JG Elena Rousseau & Lieutenant JG Robb Maxwell

Mission: The Wonders of SB 94
Location: SB Lounge
Timeline: M2 M1 1300 Hours (Backpost)

Elena Rousseau had just finished her last duty shift. It was a good feeling, she was definitely looking forward to the week of R & R the crew had been granted. She intended to relax, read a book, catch up on research and maybe hit the holodecks on the starbase. But first, she wanted to get lunch, a real lunch, a lunch that wasn't replicated. So after some asking around, she had found out that the lounge she was currently entering served real food, it also was packed to the gills. At first that deterred her, she really wanted to just have a quiet lunch, but the rumbling in her belly had kept her there. So she stepped in line and waited patiently till her order was taken.

After about a ten minute wait in line and another ten minutes for the food, with tray in hand she looked about the dining area. Every table had been occupied. She tried to search out someone she recognized, but beyond the Archimedes, three other ships had been docked, not to mention there was the starbase personnel as well. She sighed, resigned to the fact that she was going to have to take her lunch to go, she spotted someone in a gold collar. Someone she thought she remember from her ship. She approached.

"Anyone sitting here?" she asked. Tray in hand and a smile on her lips.

Robb sat in the lounge eating his meal, glad to get off the Archimedes even for a short time. He had strolled the starbase, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the base. It smelled real. Not recycled and he relished it. After awhile he got hungry and ended up here. in the lounge trying to make the most out of a real ham and cheese sandwich and a cup of soup when a voice interrupted his endeavors. He looked up into a pair of the brownest eyes he had ever seen. They made up part of the pretty face he was looking into, Black hair, a friendly wide open smile. He forgot all about his lunch. " No. no, please sit down." He asked the ensign. "Do you need any help?"

Elena placed her tray onto the table and took the seat that was adjacent to the lieutenant's. "I'm good thanks," he held the man's gaze, her smile widening. "Thank you for letting me sit, I can't believe how packed this place is," she picked up one triangle of her sandwich but didn't take the bite just yet. "I'm Elena by the way I am a science officer on the Archimedes," she said. "You are assigned to the Archimedes as well right? I for sure saw you in sickbay after the mission and at the holiday party."

Robb nodded, his grin widening, " You are more than welcome." He nodded, "Youre right. I think it's because they serve real food. Yes, I'm assigned to the Archimedes, part of their security detachment." He stuck out his hand, "I'm Robb." Another boyish grin crossed his face, the holiday party?" he shook his head, "I'm a dope. I knew you looked familiar." he grew serious for a moment, "Don't remind me about the last mission. I'd rather forget it.

Elena nodded in agreement, she didn't want to think about the mission to Hobius either. It was still fresh in her mind and she knew it would stay fresh for a long time to come. "Well, the holiday party was a nice distraction that was for sure. But, this week of R & R will be even better." She took a bite from his sandwich, chewed, then continued with the conversation. "Do you have any plans for your time off?"

"Can't argue with you there, the party was nice. The kids really seemed to love it." Robb said honestly. But a week of R&R? That's a real treat." He shrugged his shoulders at her question, "No, not really, probably wander the base, catch up,on some reading, I love to read. Maybe go to the holodeck run some outdoor programs. What about you? have you any plans for your week of R&R?"

This time Elena shrugged, "about the same. There are some new scientific articles in the biology field that I am anxious to read. I figured catch up on reading, maybe partake in a holodeck program, walk around. I haven't actually ever been a starbase of this type and magnitude before." She took another bite of her sandwich. After a moment, she spoke again. "What kind of genre are you into, books I mean?" she asked.

He smiled at her, "Oh, I like most anything, history, westerns, murder mysteries. Just has to be well written. Of course there are also the security manuals." He looked around the lounge, "Your right this is a big base. Um, maybe if you'd like some company, I, um could walk around with you. If you know you like."

Elena sensed the nervousness with the question, she thought it was sweet. But then again, she didn't need to be a Betazoid to realize there was nervousness. He probably didn't even realize he was stumbling over his words, or that his cheeks blushed with the faintest of pink. "Sure, that would be lovely," she said. "It's always fun when you can share the experience with someone else."

A smile filled his face at her answer. "Really? Oh, I mean that would be great!" His relief self evident. "I agree a shared experience makes for a richer experience. So, um what kind of books and holo programs do you like?. You mentioned holo programs." He spoke quickly, trying to fill the air between them. He didn't want the conversation to end or for her to think he was some big security brute.

"Oh I don't know," she shrugged. "I tend to use the holodeck as a way to travel to various places on Earth or other planets." She took one final bite of her sandwich and then continued, "it's also a good place to have a date."

Robb nodded his head in agreement. "I can see the sense in that. You can go wherever you like on the holodeck. See the universe without leaving the ship. The perfect vacation locale or spot to have a date..... um not that I would know." He added hastily, his cheeks turning red again.

Elena smiled, the man was adorable and blushed a lot. He was nervous... somewhat. "Not that you would know what? To have a date on the holodeck?" If it was that fact he didn't know what it was like to have a date, well let's just say Elena found that hard to believe. The man was handsome, sure a bit nervous, but that was endearing in a way. But, if he had never had a date, that was fine too. She didn't judge, not in the least.

"What???? " Robb blushed again, "Oh no, no, no, well not exactly." He stammered, "I mean I know about having a date. I just haven't used the holodeck. Usually, it's to the gardens or the movie-vid theater or if at a starbase like this out to dinner." he looked across at her, "Um, would you like to go to dinner and a show?"

Elena pondered that for a moment as she mentally brought up her schedule. She had a lot planned and very little time to do it in. But, it never hurt to go out, make a new friend either. Most of the people on the Archimedes were all knew and they would be spending a lot of time together over the next few months... years even. "Sure, dinner and a show would be fun," she said after a beat of silence passed. She smiled, "besides we might not be back to the starbase for quite some time, things might be different here the next time we return."

"That's great!" Robb said with obvious joy. He like Elena, she was easy to talk to and she put him at ease. Even if he was vaguely aware he was babbling. He chuckled softly at her statement about things being different the next time they returned to the starbase. "That's a good point. Might as well take advantage of what it has to offer before we have to leave." He paused and looked his sandwich, suddenly not hungry. He had something much more pleasing in front of him. "Um, when would be a good time for me to come by your quarters. That is when would you like to go out?"

For a few moments, Elena thought about that. She could tell that Robb was attracted to her, she could sense the 'arousal' so to speak. But in his defense, she had found that a lot of men - and some women - had found her a reasonably attractive woman. "How about tomorrow night say around, twenty hundred hours?"

"Twenty hundred hours." He repeated, "Got it. Oh better tell where your quarters are, I don't want to be wandering the ship, trying to find them." He grinned, "It just wouldn't do for a security officer to be seen asking the computer for directions." He paused again, "Thanks, for saying yes Elena."

The science officer offered up a reassuring smile. "You're welcome, but no thanks are necessary," and they weren't. Elena liked getting to know people and this was no different. "My quarters are on deck eight, section 22, room 0834."

"Well maybe not but still I feel I should say thank you." Robb countered, "Deck eight, section 22, room 834. Got it, already committed to memory. Is there any type of food your particularly fond of?" He asked, he wanted this to go smoothly and giving a small hint to at least what part of their evening would consist of, so they could have another and another date.

"Italian," she answered simply. Elena could sense his eagerness and wanting to make sure everything went perfect. However, she didn't really consider this a date date. She hadn't really dated anyone in a long time, but she had made a pact with herself that she would get to know the person first. She had gotten herself into trouble one too many times due to her impulsiveness. "Italian would be fine," again she said for fear of letting to much silence lapse between the two. "But really, whatever is fine. I am not a choosy eater at all. Good food and good company, that is all I ask for."

"Italian, it is." Robb replied, "That's a good choice. I like Italian food as well. I hope the food will be good. As for the company, I pray you like it and that you want to have more of it." Robb answered honestly.

"Well... so far I like the company," she winked at the security officer and then gave him a playful nudge with her elbow. "But no worries Robb, no need to be nervous around me or what not. You will find I am pretty easy going."

A radiant smile brighten his face as Elena gave him a playful nudge and wink along with saying she liked his company. "Thanks for the vote of confidence Elena. I like you too." He said honestly. "Easy for you to say about not being nervous Elena. However I'll do better." He nodded his head, "You do seem very easy going, I like that. Most people hear security and they tense up."

"That's cause you guys carry the guns," she said. "So, shall we take that walk now?" Truth was she knew people were getting irritated that the two were taking up a table and most of their lunch was already gone. It paid to be telepathic and empathic some of the time. "I think people want to sit here," she said as an easy smile formed on her lips. She stood, lifting her tray and watched as Robb did the same.

He looked around and saw people headed their way. "Yeah, you're right." As he moved to follow her out and back into the base. "A walk sounds great." Robb answered. Thinking to himself what a great day this was so far.

Ensign Elena Rousseau
Science Officer/Biologist

Lt.(jg) Robb Maxwell
Security Officer


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