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Meeting in person

Posted on Fri Feb 24th, 2012 @ 2:47pm by Noah Mitchell Ph.D.

Mission: The Wonders of SB 94
Location: Mitchell-Ezio quarters
Timeline: M2 MD1 - Following 'Unexpected Visitor' (Backpost)

Being in a considerably better mood than with which he had left their quarters in the morning, Jeremy returned home after spending some time by himself on the starbase. He had arranged for Noah to take Altair home with him after his meetings so he could be on his own. The half-Trill smiled as he walked in, seeing his son playing on the floor. Initially he had eyes only for the little boy, and the man sat beside him, but when he walked in further he also took note of the woman present.

Not recognising her, as she was turned away from him, Jeremy froze for a moment, observing the scene before him. Then he relaxed, the smile returning to his face, when he realised the woman must be someone known to Noah or she'd not be sat of the floor with him. "Noah?" he called out, drawing his partner's attention.

Smiling, Noah lifted himself off the deck and moved to Jeremy. He took the counselor's hand and squeezed. "I'm glad your home," he said as he leaned in and gave the man a quick kiss. After he parted he brought Jeremy toward his mother and Altair. "Jeremy, I'd like you to meet Carla-Maria Mitchell, my mother."

Carla smiled and lifted herself up as well, "we've met." She immediately embraced the young counselor and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "It's good to meet you in person Jeremy."

"We've met," Jeremy acknowledged, allowing the embrace and the peck on the cheek. He returned the embrace and smiled almost shyly. "It's good to meet you too ma'am." He turned slightly to look at Noah. "She called a while ago, when you were out," he explained, realising he had forgotten to tell him.

Noah arched an eyebrow and crossed his arms over his chest. He shook his head, "how do you forget something like that?" His tone was more playful than anger. But, he had to wonder how someone did forget something like that. But obviously that could be a discussion for another time.

"It's no worries," Carla said as she waved off the thought. "Also, please call me Carla," she added as an after thought. "I hope you don't mind me surprising you like this," she looked to her son. "As you probably know, my son doesn't like any type of surprises," she smirked. She knew her son's mental illness had taken a lot of time and control, upsetting the status quo meant upsetting the delicate balance her only child had achieved. "But, I wanted to meet you and Altair in person. Plus I haven't seen Noah in months, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do so."

Noah's gaze met Jeremy's quizzical one. "Which means she knows someone who knows someone who knows we were here."

"Which isn't the total untruth," Carla responded. "But whether you were here, or on the other side of the wormhole me visiting still would have happened."

"It would have," Noah nodded. He unfolded his arms and leaning down picked up Altair. "Mama offered to take us out to dinner."

"I think that would be a good idea," Jeremy replied, knowing full well there'd be a little discussion about forgetting to tell him his mother had called. Nothing major but he knew it'd happen. "I wish we'd known you were coming though, then we would've prepared a more proper welcome. I would've made sure to have been home too." He smiled slightly as he stood beside Noah, wrapping his arm around his waist while touching his son's cheek. "I am however, very glad to meet you in person, I've been looking forward to it."

Carla smiled, she was looking forward to this as well. "Again, it certainly is okay," she stated once again. "I'm just glad to know you all are okay, and that my visiting did work out."

Jeremy cast Noah another quizzical look, before turning his attention back to Carla. "Why wouldn't we be?" he asked.

"She knows about the little skirmish we had gotten into on Hobius IV," Noah answered for his mother. "The Federation News Service works fast, wouldn't you agree mother."

"They do," Carla acknowledged.

"Not that she wouldn't have been able to figure it out," he said as he indicated the scorch marks on the bulkheads and the burnt out replicator. His and Jeremy's quarters were set to be repaired in a couple of days. Though he didn't eat much replicated food, he certainly did miss the convenience of one.

"True," Carla answered simply.

"Anyway, let me go get changed and then we can go and grab a bite to eat," he looked to Jeremy. "Help me pick something out to wear," he said to his partner. Though Noah considered himself to be kind of a fashion expert, he also knew that he wanted to give his mother a few minutes alone with Altair. It also would give he and Jeremy a few minutes to talk without the prying ears of his mother.

Jeremy handed his son over to Carla then followed Noah to the bedroom. Once the door closed he turned and took Noah's hand within his own. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you she had called," he said softly, "she called when you were out, on purpose because she wanted to talk to me.
I didn't want to upset you..."

He turned away, facing the door. "She seems nice...Altair likes her, and he's usually fussy."

Letting go of the whole talk about Mother Mitchell and Jeremy talking prior to meeting, Noah pulled off his tee shirt and picked out a pale blue button down and pulled it on. "My mom has always been good with kids, at least that is what I remember," he paused as he pushed down his sweats and rummaged through a draw and pulled out a pair of khaki cargo pants. "I am happy Altair likes her," he added as he pulled on the pants then fished for a belt. Once that was on he sat on their bed and pulled on a pair of blue old fashioned chucks. "Besides, Caro's parents won't have anything to do with him which it's their loss more than his. With your parents gone, it's only fair the little man has grandparents to spoil him." He smiled as he finished tying his left shoe.

Jeremy turned and pulled the man to him after pulling him up on his feet. "True," he agreed. "Sometimes, I wonder what I've done to deserve you." He leaned in and kissed him lightly. "I love you."

Back in the livingroom, Altair stared up at the woman, a smile lighting up his tiny face. "Mama?" he querried, echoing the word he'd heard his father use only minutes before.

Carla relished in the few moments that she had alone with the baby. She watched him, smiled, coo'd at him. She didn't care of Altair wasn't biologically Noah's, that just wasn't a problem in her or her husband's eyes. She had just hopped that Noah and Jeremy would allow Altair to visit Earth, when he was a little bit older if anything. Then the baby said 'mama' and a look of confusion crossed her aging features. "No... no sweetie, you have two dada's, not a mama."

Altair scrunged up his little face to copy her expression. "No mama?" he querried, then twisted in her grasp as he heard a door slide open. "Daddy!" he called out towards Noah, but stayed eerily silent as Jeremy too appeared. A brief but painful silence followed, during which the child seemed to try and make up his mind. Then, he smiled. "Mama!" he finally decided, turning back to give Carla the brightest of smiles, as if to say 'see, I do have a mama'.

Shooting her son a look of confusion, all she received in return was a shrug.

Noah himself had found the 'mama' thing kind of odd, but he didn't question it either. What did he know about such things anyway. He scooped up the little man and hoisted him up. "Well ready to go when you are."

Carla stood, a smile on her lips. "Great, then let's go shall we."

Jeremy smiled, a really happy smile for the first time in hours. "Let's go," he echoed.

Captain Noah Mitchell, PhD
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Carla-Maria Mitchell
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Altair Donovan-Mitchell
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