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Borg Boarding Party (Pt. 1)

Posted on Thu Jan 17th, 2013 @ 7:59pm by Lieutenant Nessarose-Tip Dillamond & Lieutenant Commander Tyra "Doc" Ironhooves & Commander Wesley Chase

Mission: Hugh Again
Location: Borg Cube
Timeline: Current

Materializing aboard the third cube from the left, looking out the view screen, Wesley quickly ducked. Someone forgot to tell the transporter chief to put them in a safe place, and thus the away team was now ducking spinning rods.

"They set us down inside a fan vent!" Wesley yelled, hoping someone heard him state the obvious.

"WHAT I CAN'T HEAR YOU, I THINK WE ARE IN AN FAN OR SOMETHING" Nessarose yelled over the fan vent.

"AAAAAH!" Doctor Ironhooves screamed as her long mane of hair was pulled up into the suction of the fan and she ducked to get away from it. "I hate transporters I hate this ship and I'm gonna diiieeeeee!!!!"

Nessarose patted the Doctors side and said "It'll be okay, girl."

Rolling his eyes, Wesley aimed his phaser at the fan, dead center. If you can't walk through it, blow a hole in it he figured. Adjusting his settings, he fired only to have it melt a small hole in the dead center. You know, the center that holds the blades in part. Yes, that dead center.

"DUCK!" he yelled as he watched the fan blade wobble on its axis before finally coming loose and flying the opposite direction from where Wesley expected it to go.

"That was close, huh Ironhooves!" Wesley yelled, even though they could easily hear each other now.

One hoof was raised up off the deck as Tyra Ironhooves eyed the quivering fan blade that had buried itself where her front left hoof had been only seconds before, and her face was a study in panic. Her mouth was drawn in a taut grimace, and she turned toward the captain once more, balled up both fists, pushed her hands down and away from her body then screamed again.

She was a good screamer. Volume, piercing, and duration, along with a very clear sensation of panicked fear. She could have a future doing voice-overs for horror holovids.

Covering his ears for a moment, Wesley wondered how long it would take the Borg to realize they had company now. "Let's get out..." but before he could finish the sentence, three Borg rounded the corner and headed in the direction of the now defunct fan.

"We are Borg." came the statement that Wesley expected, and as he adjusted his settings on his phaser, he waited for the part about assimilation. "Set phasers to kill and pray for a stun." he ordered as he took a step out of the vent shaft and onto a platform.

Nessarose jumped out behind the Captain and dropped her phaser and quickly fumbled to pick it up.

The centaur may have been a screamer, but she knew what a phaser rifle was and she knew how to use it. The order had been given and if the captain wasn't firing, she had no desire to find out if the Borg believed in ramps for the differently anatomied, and she snapped up the targeting flimsy and fired at the lead horror.

"We are Borg." they repeated. "We aren't." replied Wesley as he noticed the Borg had stopped advancing on them.

"We are Borg." they said again. "What do you make of it Doc? Are they stuck on repeat?" Wesley asked Ironhooves.

Pulling the rifle down from her shoulder, the Kutachi healer eyed the captain with a minor amount of disbelief, then slung the phaser rifle over her shoulder and rooted in one of her saddlebags for a tricorder, muttering to herself the entire time in what sounded like a series of nickers and whinnies under her breath.

"Well, Captain, scans show a virus of some sort." she replied as she double checked her readings. She was right, it was a virus, one that affected the mechanical brain side of the Borg. "Not like a biological contagion, but a computer virus that's affecting their nanites somehow... I'm not really sure what it's doing, I'd have to run some further scans..."

"Get full readings and lets jet!" Wesley said a bit too loudly, to which the Borg replied "We are Borg."

Full readings, he says, like he has some kind of clue. Sure, I'll just wave my wand of healing over them and sprinkle some faerie dust and my tricorder will tell me all I need to know. Truth be told, she missed her rod of healing, but such things did not function outside the electromagnetic field of Arboria, so she was stuck with hard science.

"Captain, wait a second that Borg has trill spots, I see some. What if it has a symbiont, would it be affected?" Nessarose asked

"Ironhooves, can a symbiont survive inside an assimilated trill?" Wesley asked. The last thing he needed was this girl chasing dreams of a symbiont in the middle of a mission.


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