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Breakfast Battle

Posted on Mon Jun 25th, 2012 @ 10:42pm by Lieutenant Commander Fiona McCray & Commander Charybdis & Lieutenant Commander Yuna Celes

Mission: Trade Routes
Location: The Gym

The morning duty shift was one that usually passed very quickly, and it was seldom that Charybdis had time to do much of anything outside of the Captain's quarters these days before she was needed on the Bridge, and even so her time on the bridge tended to be longer than her actual shift. Not that she minded, nor was it because her department was incompetent- there were tasks to be done and overseen, and it was her duty.

But this morning she had awakened early, having gone to bed early for a change, and shipboard life being what it was, she decided it was a good idea to get a workout in before starting the day. Perhaps some yoga, perhaps a bit of uneven parallel work, or even a sparring session if she was lucky and someone was about and willing to give her one without a bruised ego.

Clad in her usual workout uniform of a tank top that was two sizes too small, the briefs from her uniform and some sneakers, she took a few warmup laps around deck Six before she scrambled up the access ladders. She wasn't about to lose the muscle tone in her rear just because this ship had turbolifts... and thus how she ended up on Deck 3 to see what sort of activity she might be able to scare up this bright and early morning.

Meanwhile Lt. Yuna Celes was getting frustrated in the security office. Several of her officers had reported in sick for the day, and she was having issues trying to find replacements for their shifts without getting anyone to pull doubles. She'd missed her morning workout to come in early and cover some of the shift herself, before the lack of physical movement drove her out of the office and to the gym. She noticed two others there and moved over to say hello.

Shortly after the science officer entered the gym the doors opened and Fiona gamboled in wearing a baggy starfleet academy sweatshirt and a pair of yoga pants. She dropped a small bag and towel on a handy bench then gave Charybdis a cheerful wave before dragging her mop of red gold curls into a sloppy pony tail " Mornin!" she chirped far too happily for someone who hadn't had any coffee yet.

The engineering chief noted the approach of the security officer and gave her a smile and a nod. " Hello," she said politely as she started stretching.

Yuna admitted she was in a foul mood, even before she entered to the gym, but it was polite to at least say hello to others before buggering off to belt the living crap out of a punching bag.

" Morning Ladies," she said quickly before stripping off her uniform top, leaving only a grey tank top and her uniform slacks. The light fabric gave her the freedom of movement she needed for the workout she had in her mind. The punching bag hung innocently in one corner, Yuna headed over there, taking a small towel and two long strips of fabric with her. She expertly bound her hands, the fabric providing layers of protection against the heavy material of the bag. She started off with some easy jabs and crosses, keeping her footwork light and easy. The idea at the moment was to simply warm up her muscles, easing into the workout and building up her cardio before letting go and going completely nuts.

The two women were independently friends of hers, but despite being senior staff it looked to Charybdis that neither one of them was particularly friendly with the other. And while some people onboard were not 'morning people', she felt that if they were all together then perhaps they should use the opportunity to get to know one another.

"Fiona? By chance are you acquainted with Lieutenant Celes, our security chief?" she asked, loudly enough so that Yuna could hear her over the sound of her own grunting frustration venting.

The petite scot had been watching the security officer's bag work with interest. " Ah... no... I have no had the pleasure to meet her outside of the ready room," she said with a smile as she straightened up. " Looks to be in a bit of an off mood this mornin'" she observed with a bit of a shrug. A grin flashed across her elfin features " Must be Ensigns..."

She gave her tall vulcan friend a considering look " You're out and about early, usually it's just me in here at this hour." Sshe didn't want to interrupt the security chief's rhythm.

"I, uh, got to bed earlier last night so we rose earlier and, well, here I am!" the statuesque science officer explained with her cheeks only turning a mild shade of sage. Her voice dropped to a conspiratorial level and she bent down slightly to the Engineer as she walked slowly toward the punching bag.

"But maybe we can help her out... Yuna's been frustrated because she was yanked through time and space from her old ship in an accident that happened a week ago or so, and the security force here is not up to her standards, so she is not only working double time to whip them into shape, but she is also..."

"No?! Real-ly? When? What time? What space?" the engineer trotted to keep up chattering as she went.

The Vulcan vixen stopped speaking because she had kept walking while whispering, and had actually come to a stop beside Yuna, who had stopped punching the bag and could hear every word.

Yuna paused, adjusting her aim so she pulled a punch right beside Charybdis' head but without actually touching her.

" She also what?" Yuna retorted " You seem to know quite a lot, I'd like to hear more," she snorted, the words sounding a tad harsh. She was pissed, and she could apologise later.

The alien raised an eyebrow, looked at the pulled punch and looked at Yuna.

"I think she is a bit homesick and misses her old assignment. And she doesn't have many friends here yet," she said flatly. "Maybe we could spend a little time together the three of us and get to know one another." The expression somewhat belied the words, as the science officer didn't look terribly friendly.

The tiny woman standing in the statuesque vulcan's shadow winced slightly. She peered up at Yuna with shrewd amber eyes " Aye... well... tis understandable. And my tail would be a mite twisted too" she said mildly.

Yuna realised she wasn't going to be left alone until she was polite and at least seemed personable.

" I'm sorry, it's been one of those days and it's only morning"

The engineer quirked an eyebrow at the two taller women " you want to talk about it or would you prefer to beat the hades oot ov something?" she asked.

"My offer to spar with you is always open, if you want to vent any frustrations Yuna... and if you break any bones I think the Doctor can patch me up!" The offer was unconventional... but then again, so was the cheerful alien presenting it.

" You're offering to let me beat the crap out of you?" Yuna raised an eyebrow - well this was an unexpected turn of events.

"Oh, I didn't say I'd let you... but I did offer to spar..." Charybdis said with a grin as she stepped back and redistributed her weight. "Fiona, call the rules!"

The little red head gave a snort " Rules? Don't kill each other or step on me" she said cheerfully and bounced back a couple of steps "Other than thet - there are no rules aside from no crying" she gave a snorting laugh " The first rule of fight club is no one talks about fight club"

"Feh. Two falls out of three or until someone cried yield, winner takes on the spanner monkey." The grinning Vulcan girl bounced back and forth on the balls of her feet, then wagged her fingers at the Trill.

"Come get some!"

Her ire already fired up Yuna paused for a moment to calm herself, an angry fighter was one who made mistakes. She took a centering breath and stepped into the makeshift ring, a rough circle marked by their discarded towels and jackets. Yuna circled, stepping lightly to her right and crossing over with her left foot - maintaining an even balance at all times. She threw a few easily blocked punches at the Science Chief, merely toying with her at the beginning.

Celes was mad... mad about a few things, and irritated about a few more and generally in what Patrick would describe as 'a shitty mood.' Unfortunately she had some idea of Charybdis' capabilities, so she couldn't just throw the match... besides, that would not work off any frustration for her, which was the overstuffed officer's primary goal. So instead she stepped in, slowly at first, but building up speed, throwing some punches and kicks, waiting until she made a mistake and Yuna demonstrated to her just what it was, why it was a mistake and just how bad her mood was this morning.

Fiona danced just out of their way, keeping an eye on both women weighing and gauging their style, strengths weaknesses and reach. She kept out from under foot waiting until they were done with one another and quietly warning anyone who wandered too close off with a gesture.

The first glimmer had been an opening in Charybdis' left guard, as she extended a punch she had neglected to cover the opposite site, letting her guard down for just an instant. It was just the instant that Yuna had been looking for.

With a rebel yell she pivoted and swung her right hip around, revealing an upcoming roundhouse kick aimed at the science chief's head.

The yell telegraphed the blow, but somehow Charybdis didn't expect her friend to kick her in the head... which was rather silly of her to imagine because when the foot connected, she immediately saw stars and the kick spun her halfway to the ground. She stopped herself on one knee, shook her head and had to do a backward roll to avoid another axe kick coming in at her shoulder.

Oh yes, she was irritated all right, and the well-padded scientist had achieved her goal in focusing that ire on herself. Somehow as spots danced in front of her eyes and she heard a ringing in her ears, she began to doubt the wisdom of this plan.

The vicious kick had caught the engineer off guard too because she let out an indignant " Oi!" then said something that had to be disparaging in gaelic before adding " cheap shot Dottie"
It was obvious she wanted to go check on the vulcan but she stopped herself.

" It's not cheap if it works - I warned you" Yuna retorted, stopping for a moment to stand before the Science Chief. " Are you able to continue?"

In a smooth glide the alien rose to her feet. "Fair shot- she found an opening and took it, thus is combat." She shook her head slightly, the high ponytail whipping about as she did, then smiled a predator's smile. "Oh yes... it is best two out of three, Trill, Tell me, do the spots... bruise?"

With that the scientist moved in earnest, taking her shots in a few less than conventional ways. Starfleet Academy taught judo, and that was the style she had begun in... whatever style she was using now was unfamiliar to anyone in the room, but it seemed designed to take advantage of her strength and use it to her advantage. Blocked blows did not land, but they were still punishing all the same, and she seemed to be rather less than friendly at the moment.

Yuna's mind swung into high gear... Charybdis seemed determined and focused, and now fought with a style unlike Yuna had never seen. It took her several bruises before she could even begin to anticipate the style. When it all came down to it though - if you could read the slight shift of weight, a glance with an eye, then you could read anyone. She continued to block the blows as they fell as she could, until she miscalculated one and ended up flat on her back with an 'ooff'.

There was a whooping cheer from their bouncy red haired peanut gallery.

Once the security officer was down, instinct told her to take the high ground and finish her... and Charybdis stopped in mid-motion and ground her teeth. She rolled her eyes and strode slowly over to Yuna, staying out of her range but keeping her hands open and by her side. "Idiot," she muttered under her breath to herself.

"Are you able to continue?" she asked, trying to not sound mocking or condescending. It was remarkable that Yuna had held out that long, and she hoped to Janus she hadn't actually hurt her.

Yuna kept her eyes closed for a moment, regrouping, checking to see if anything was beyond bruised and actually damaged. She cracked open an eyelid to see Charybdis regarding her with a look that the Trill did not consider overly friendly. Was there a touch of fear there? Tucking her legs up she flipped back onto her feet, wobbling only very slightly until she regained her balance. Man she hadn't tried that one in a long time.

" We shall see who will be the first to yield" She challenged. " I believe the score be one to each" She cast a quick glance towards the engineer.

"That's reet" the engineer confirmed.

Resetting her balance, Charybdis began throwing punches in a calculated ploy. Her goal had been to help, and somehow hand to hand combat never seemed to work out well for her. That was the thought in her mind when a kick landed in her distracted midsection and drove the air from her lungs and dropped her like a sack of potatoes.

"Urf....!" she managed to squeak out as she tried vainly to catch a breath.

Fiona gave a wince of sympathy " You ok?" she asked then called out the score in Yuna's favor.

Yuna stepped forward, offering a hand to Charybdis. " I appreciate what you're trying to do, but I don't want to hurt you... any more than I already have" she said simply, the anger and frustration from the morning's problems dissolved in a mix of sweat and blood.

The buxom officer managed to take the offered hand, still struggling to convince her startled diaphragm to work, and she managed a smile. "Nope... " she croaked out. "Didn't throw... you... got me... fair..."

She patted the Engineering chief's shoulder and pointed at Yuna. "Warmed her... up for ya..." then toddled over to have a seat while she finished catching her breath.

"Ta muchly" the engineer said drily.

Yuna took the moment to towel off and grab a quick drink, sculling a few mouthfulls of water to lessen the taste of blood from when she'd hit the deck before and bit her cheek. It wasn't bad, just enough taste to remind her that she'd screwed up.

The woman on the mat before her looked barely old enough to be out of the school room. Her delicate frame was almost swallowed by the sweatshirt she was wearing. A mop of curls framed an elfin face that had an almost feral grin on it " Need a bit of a lie down lovey?" she asked with more than her share of cheek.

The stance that the engineer took was an odd one, slightly sideways with her weight settled over the balls of her feet. She simply waited.

" Not at all, merely regathering my strength and taking a moment before wiping those curls of yours from one side of the ring to the other" Yuna smiled innocently, throwing the report out with the same flippancy as the Engineer had delivered hers. It was all in good nature, and sometimes it was just the thing they all needed to get that little bit of adrenaline going.

"Bring it Dottie" the tiny woman gave her a come hither wave.

She stepped back into the ring and the dance began again.

It didn't take more than a moment or two to determine that the engineer had martial arts training. Akido and something a bit more high impact. Savate.
Both suited to someone smaller than average.

It was like fighting a mongoose next to the vulcan's panther. Darting kicks and feints then back out again. She wasn't landing any blows but she wasn't sticking around either.

Yuna parried the blows thrown her way, slowly determining the engineer's style and training. She was highly trained, but in a variety of the different martial arts. She would be a formidable opponent, particularly since the Trill had already fought once already. After getting tired of simply parrying blows, Yuna decided to throw a few in of her own, the odd kick, an occasional right hook or a killer left cross.

By this point Charybdis had recovered sufficiently, and had taken up the ringside post to keep score, and watch the two women face off. She watched them both carefully for signs of injury, but both seemed, if anything, to be enjoying themselves.

The wee woman avoided most of the rain of blows and kicks by simply being elsewhere when they reached their destination....but that last wicked left connected with a solidity that cracked across the gym like a shot and the chief simply folded to the mat and lay still.

In a flash the dark-haired Vulcan was on her, gingerly checking her for injuries. "Fiona? Fi?" She checked her vitals, panic evident in her voice.

The engineer's left eye cracked open slightly at the sound of her name and she gave a soft snort. Very slowly she sat up rubbing her jaw " So mooch for luring her in" she said wrily as she rubbed her rapidly purpling jaw. She looked up at Yuna " Jaysus you hit like a mule!" the words were good natured and alert.

Charybdis' eyes crossed and she stood, dropping Fiona back to the mat in the process. "I am such a ruuuube!" she said as she strode back out of the circle. "Yuna one, Fiona one on me, lay on!"

"Ow! Hey! Wounded here!" came the cheerful call at her back but the engineer was already rolling to her feet with a sigh for her lost ploy.

Yuna eyed her cautiously, not wanting to take on anyone who wasn't potentially at their best.

" You ok there Chief?"

"I'll never play tha oboe again" came the cheerful retort as she sprang forward into a leg sweep. Aside from the bruise she seems fine. It certainly wasn't slowing her down any.

" Do you wish to continue - or forfiet?" Celes wanted to confirm, not making a move until she was sure the Chief was fine. She dodged the leg sweep and took that as her answer.

" Say hi to the mats again" Fi hit and rolled. She bounced once and came up grinning.
"They say they miss you!" a sharp jab caught Yuna in the solar plexus. The curls were plastered damply to the engineer's face.

" Ooof!" Yuna grunted as the impact knocked her off balance, sending her reeling backwards with the power of the blow that was sure to leave a bruise. Thankfully she wasn't dating anyone at the moment who would see it.

She managed to catch herself just before she stepped out of the ring, taking a moment to regather before launching an offensive unlike one had never seen before.

"Oh SO clo..." the engineer had started to taunt then let out a squeak as she found herself suddenly fighting a flurry of attack " bloody hell!" she backpedalled, she danced, she dodged...she sashayed right into a kick that sent her out of the ring and a good 4 feet into the air before she landed in a spectacular heep next to the weight benches.

"Ow....good one" came the faint groan.

Yuna's eyes went wide at the power of her own kick - Crap.. she hadn't meant to hit that hard. Worry on her face she scurried over to the Engineer.

" Are you ok? I'm sorry I didn't realise the power behind it..." She apologised pathetically.

The engineer laid there remembering how to breathe. She gave a slight nod then a thumbs up. " Sure...fine....joost really glad I didn't eat breakfast first" she said with surprisingly good cheer behind the wheezing.

The voluptuous Vulcan took Yuna's arm and held it aloft. "The winner of the pre-breakfast battlin' babes competition, Security Chief Lieutenant Yuna Celes!" The few spectators who had gathered cheered, and as they did so Charybdis helped Fiona to her feet.

"So, how about breakfast? I hear we can get icepacks in the galley, and soft food..."

"Soft is good" Fiona joked " She ...hits really hard"

"Tell me about it... I think I'm going to have to take a night off from my... uhh.. cardio workout..." Charybdis chimed in. She held out an arm to Yuna. "You in?"

Yuna cast the Science Cheif a knowing look that basically said ' Yeah.. cardio workout my ass' but she kept quiet. Some things were better left unsaid.

" Sure, breakfast sounds good. Lets say we reconvene same time next week?" She offered. " I'm sure we can teach each other a few new skills "

Fiona rolled her eyes " Aye...cardio" she had no such compunction about speaking up but she didn't go into specifics. She nodded " same time next week sounds good to me. I like a fair tussle"

"Wonder what's on the menu..."

"Something easy to digest I hope... and sure, I will help you relieve stress again next week, Yuna." She wasn't sure if she had accomplished anything, but it seemed to her that the engineer and the chief seemed to have bonded, so perhaps the bruises would have been worth it.

Next week, however, would be different, she thought with a smirk.


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