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Blast From the Past

Posted on Wed Sep 19th, 2012 @ 3:14pm by Captain Patrick O'Connor

Mission: Hail Caesar!
Location: USS Bonaventure


Patrick came to the bridge a bit earlier than normal. He had been summoned by the bridge officer, Lt Selia who was in charge on Delta shift. Selia was not one to call for the captain out of turn. Middle ranked officers typically cherished time in charge like this, and Selia being Vulcan, would only do so if protocol demanded it. So Patrick was intrigued as to what it might be that would be cause him to be summoned a full hour before his duty shift.

As the turbolift doors opened he caught the back end of what Selia was being told from the science station, which was being manned by Lt jg Priya Singh. "...transmissions and energy signatures are of human origin on the planet, and lifesigns show them to be human. The language is of an ancient Earth variety, though communications may be better able to provide analysis."

Patrick looked around the bridge as the young bridge crew of Delta shift scrambled to handle the situation and prove their worth. "Report" called Patrick.

Selia turned, "We detected what appearred to be a human energy signal coming from a star system on our path. It was worth investigation as no human vessel is reported to come out this far. Further analysis shows that the planet is indeed populated with humans, and even more curious is that the planet seems to be a virtual identical match to Earth. Technology of the inhabitants appears to be equivalent to early 21st century technology. We are holding behind a moon of a neighboring planet to collect additional data as they have a sophisicated sattilite network in place that includes the usage of large radio telescopes that are being used to map surrounding areas."

It was a rather thorough analysis, something Patrick expected from a Vulcan. "Very good lieutenant. Please have all senior officers report to stations, and in the mean time, have your officers continue to gather data." The Vulcan nodded and returned to the science station to assist with the analysis. Patrick walked over to the communications station. "Are they speaking English?"

"No sir. An ancient Earth dialect known as Latin."

"Latin? But nobody has spoken that in centuries."

"Agreed. The universal translator is having no issues with it. It is proper, and most transmissions are coming from and being directed to a city they called Roma."

"Are we getting a significant amount of military traffic, what sounds like troop movements and imperialistic sort of talk?"

"Yes sir."

Patrick stood, a concerned look on his face. "Romans?" he said softly in an inquisitive voice.

Off: And so we have a new mission. Very early, eerie as well. Bridge crew to stations, things are likely to get interesting.

Capt Patrick O'Connor
USS Bonaventure


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