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Welcome to the USS Challenger, You've just materialized on board the finest ship the fleet's ever seen. We're glad you've decided to check us out. Enjoy looking around at the many things you have available. The Challenger is always looking for new crew in several positions.

Do you have what it takes ? Give us a try we promise you adventures like you've never seen before. Click "Join"on the right side of the menu and fill out an application, there's also a list of available positions. The only thing we ask is no god like species nothings as fun when you can just zap that planet out of your way. We're a very accepting and non discriminatory ship willing to accept just about anyone with an open mind and active imagination.

Star Trek Role Play by E-mail. Creative Writing. Simming. Call it what you will; it's what we do! Feel free to browse through our archives to see if this is something you might enjoy. If so, fill out an application and join today by going to the "Main" page and clicking "join" on the right!

The USS Challenger is one of the younger ships in the immortal Independence Fleet, launched January 1, 2384 and currently commanded by Captain Maress'Kaan. The Challenger has seen a lot in her young life and has many more to explore and see.

The Challenger is always looking for more crew. Our Bio's as well as mission summaries posts and several other areas are open to your curiosity. We're glad you're here, weather it be out of curiosity or by accident. Please take some time to learn about what we do. If you have any questions about anything please feel free to contact Captain Maress'Kaan. Our door is always open and we look forward to hearing from you!