Out in the Cold

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The Challanger sidetracks a fresh patrol of the Breen border to evacuate a distressed freighter, and finds among the passengers a handful of Breen, and they are very particular about who gets to look at their cargo.

A Ship In Hand

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The Challanger assists a scientific expedition by going to collect data from an off-the-beaten-path star-system in the Aurgosian Sector. However, the Challanger is ambushed, and a direct hit on the bridge leaves the crew to assume that the captain and most of the senior staff have been killed in action.

Ne'er The Twain Shall Meet

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After almost 20 years since last contact with the Federation, the human colony Mariposa sends out a distress signal, and Starfleet reroutes the Challanger to investigate. She discovers a broken world: the colony, once forcibly merged with a sister colony by the Enterprise-D, has split into two feuding factions, and their dispositions towards each other are worsening due to sudden climate change, for which each side blames the other.

Starbase 12

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The Challenger arrives at Starbase 12 for some R&R.

A new pace

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As the battle battered Challenger is refitted, the quickly growing crew must get to know each other and their ship in a matter of weeks, as the emotionally battered Captain pushes his vendetta against the Borg...

Ghost Ship

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After repairs have been completed, Challenger leaves headed to Jaros II, site of a Federation prison, for unknown reasons. On their way though, they discover the USS Spirit mysteriously floating in space without anyone on board and stop to investigate.

Welcome Aboard

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The crew of Star Fleet's newest and most advanced vessel, the USS Challenger, reports for duty.

A situation on Raysen 3

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The USS Challenger responds to a hostage situation on planet Raysen 3.


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Several settled planets in the Valdor sector have been attacked by what they claim are Jem'Hadar ships. Two planets have been all but destroyed and raids continue. The Challenger has been ordered to proceed to the sector and help to uncover the situation. The fear is not of a new Jem'Hadar threat but of a splinter faction possibly trying to exact it's revenge.

None the less whoever it may be has killed several federation citizens and terrorized and entire section. We are to defend the colonists at all costs while offer all assistance we can in rebuilding one of the two colonies that has been destroyed.

In the hopes of a peaceful resolution starfleet has supplied us with a Vorta war criminal named Laral. She has agreed to guide us and assist us in whatever we may need for a reduction in charges against her.

Right On "Q"

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After a brutal fight with the Jem'Hadar, the crew heads to Starbase 452 for repairs and short vacation before they head out on their next mission. However, their "fun time" is cut short when the infamous Q decides to show up on the Challenger while it's docked at Starbase. Will he drive the crew insane? Will he test the patience of the new Captain as she continues a balance of emotion and logic? Only one way to find out! Help write the story and see where the Challenger crew ends up!

Vulcan Virus

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While constructing an array on an uninhabited planet near the neutral zone, the Challenger crew accidentally beams aboard a viral agent specific to Vulcan and Romulan DNA only. This disease was accidentally caused by a biogenic weapon created by Romulans that went awry. Nearly 20% of the crew soon become incapacitated, including the conn officer, the first officer, and the captain. Will the EMH find a vaccine for this interesting disease, or are all Vulcans and Romulans on the Challenger destined to die?

You Can Never Go Home Again

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While the Challanger sits in spacedock, its new captain receives an invitation to attend a diplomatic gala on his homeworld. However, things aren't all fun and games as the captain discovers a new wrinkle in his unorthodox promotion, and a change in Caitian culture threatens the festivities.