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From the Desk of Captain Maress'Kaan - Guidelines for Behavior on Cait

Posted on Sun Mar 3rd, 2013 @ 7:52pm by Captain M'ress'Kaan

As we have now arrived at Cait, and because an alarming number of the crew seems to have no experience with an old Federation member species, the captain of this vessel has seen it fit to publish a list of guidelines for the crew as they spend their shore-leaves on the planets surface. The crew is well-advised to heed these guildlines to avoid diplomatic, social and occasionally physical discomfort.

1.) Cait orbits a class-A1 star, so surface luminosity is quite intense. Those species who are not used to these environments are advised to limit their exposure to sunlight, and to wear dark glasses and sunscreen whenever they are outside to avoid stellar-related ailments such as eye-strain and sunburn.

2.) Do not venture into the wild without a local guide. While the wide plains will look harmless to unfamiliar eyes, the bright Caitian sun will dehydrate you faster than most main-sequence stars, it is easy to get disoriented and lost without landmarks, and Caitians are not the only apex predators on the planet.

3.) You may observe that Caitian buildings tend to be covered in artwork. This is common practice in Caitian culture. It is also common practice to change this artwork periodically. Because of this, you should avoid touching the exterior walls of buildings as you might be disrupting a work in progress. In addition, if you observe what you believe to be vandals, do not interfere with them.

4.) Despite this public appreciation of art, Caitian culture tends to be conservative. Avoid drawing too much attention to yourself in manner of speech and dress, and when in public conversation, avoid topics that could be seen as offensive, especially topics such as warfare and other violence. If you think a topic might be offensive, err on the side of caution.

5.) Do NOT pet anyone!

6.) Avoid sexual contact with any Caitian, especially male Caitians. Caitian sexual practices tend to be regarded as "rough" by other species, and certain parts of Caitian anatomy would make any attempt ill-advised. If you ignore this rule, you will regret it.

7.) The cities are open to you, but if you do decide to visit rural areas, do not stay there overnight. Your hosts would be gracious, but space and resources in those parts are limited, and you would only embarrass them.

8.) If you have any questions, contact this office or any of the Federation consuls on Cait.


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