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You're sitting in MY chair!

Posted on Tue Apr 10th, 2012 @ 7:05pm by

Mission: Right On "Q"
Location: Sick Bay / Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day: Day 3 - Time: 0900
Tags: Q

Aranan takes Torak to sick bay and explains to the EMH what's going on. "Have you fixed up our pirate friend's asthma?" Aranan asked. The EMH nodded and presented the pirate, who was now breathing normally. "Good. Keep him here for observation. I must ask you if you know anything about Berthold rays." The EMH gave her a puzzled look. "Berthold rays? Why?" "I believe we can use them to get rid of Q." "Lady, I'm a doctor, not an engineer." Aranan frowned. "Look, Q is holding most of my ship's crew hostage! You can either help me, or I will permanently deactivate you and get a REAL doctor!" The EMH frowned. "Very well...Follow me." The EMH sighed and took Aranan to the nearest computer and began looking up information on Berthold rays. "Do you think it's possible to reconfigure a phaser to emit those rays?" The EMH shook his head. "No, but you can possibly see if the replicator has a Calamarain weapon that releases a strong burst of Berthold rays in order to slowly burn its victim to death." "I don't want to kill Q. I just want him off my ship." "I'm sure a weapon like that would make ANYONE cooperate." Aranan walked to the replicator. "Computer, give me a list of all weapons used by the Calamarain." "There are no Calamarain weapons on file." Aranan sighed. "If I provide specifications, could you create a weapon?" "Creating a non-standard Federation weapon is not recommended." "I don't care if it's recommended! Could you do it?" "Affirmative." "Okay, then. Let's proceed." "Security clearance of level 7 or above is required." "Authorization Sesade Iota Epsilon 4 5 9 Phi Purple." "Authorization accepted. Specify perimeters." Aranan provided specs for a customized Berthold ray weapon similar to a phase rifle. "It looks...nice." The EMH said as Aranan strapped it to her back. "Thanks." Aranan said and bolted out the door towards the bridge.

Surprised that the turbolift actually worked, she exited onto the bridge, aiming the weapon directly at Q. "Dear Aranan...You DO know that those pesky primitive Federation weapons won't work against me." "This isn't your standard issue Starfleet weapon, Q!" "Oh? Did your tiny Vulcan brain concoct something special?" Aranan glared at him. "I customized this myself with Calamarain Berthold rays, capable of destroying even you. Now, if you don't mind, YOU'RE SITTING IN MY CHAIR!!!"


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