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Payback is a B*tch

Posted on Friday March 16th, 2012 @ 6:40pm by Commander Larissa Canterbury M.D. & Lieutenant Ta'Suba M'Rowsh & Ensign Tal'dan Mieral & Departed Romy Elessayn Strayer
Edited on on Saturday June 20th, 2015 @ 1:43am

Mission: Nevermore
Location: USS Chirikov, Main Sickbay
Timeline: S3E32 Day 5, Shift 3 [Post 47]
Tags: Arrh, Butte, Canterbury, Hutt, M'Rowsh, Mieral, Nguyen, Romy, Sul


Tal'dan shucked herself out of her flight suit, folding the jacket over the chair as the blue lights flickered on. This was the part she hated the most about being Hazard, all the godforsaken decontamination procedures. At least the technology had developed a little more but she still felt uncomfortably exposed. Through the intercom Tal'dan pressed the button. "This is Ensign Mieral, we're ready for decontamination." She folded her arms over herself and waited for the doctor to begin the procedure.

=^= Just make yourselves comfortable in there,=^= Larissa said, viewing the hazard team and its advisor from outside the decon chamber. =^=The operation is on a timer. I'll return when it's completed. Antimicrobial gel packs are in the dispenser.=^= With that, the doctor shut off the comm and disappeared from sight.

The chamber itself was barely able to comfortably fit the entire contingent placed within it. It was clear that the group was about to get to know one another a lot better, especially given the fact that the gels weren't going to apply themselves.

Arching an eyebrow, Tal'dan picked up the gel pack and glared at it. "What am I meant to do with this?" she asked primly, clearly expecting some form of airborne decontamination procedure. She was still wearing her under uniform, and she arched an eyebrow at the intercom.

Nurse Hutt grabbed a container of the gel "Take your uniform off. We're in here to decontaminate." Hutt said.

Ta'Suba looked around uncomfortably. "Explain to me again why we are using ancient decontamination techniques instead of the transporters bio-filters?"

"Even though this is an old fashioned way of doing it, the transporter bio filters are not fail proof so to ensure that everything is clear, we're doing it the old fashioned way. And the gel isn't going to jump out of the jar and onto your body, so strip. Doctor's orders." He said without any hint of joking. "The sooner we get this gel on the sooner we can get out of here." Hutt said as he took off his uniform and waited for the others to do the same.

"I don't suppose I can just leave the parts that need 'cleaning' here and come back for them later..?" asked the Pandronian. The look it got from the others was answer enough. He sighed in resignation.

"When something kills an entire crew, it's not a huge imposition to do everything one can to prevent it from spreading." Romy added as she placed her uniform into the recessed shute in the chamber's wall, where it would be disintegrated.

Butte and Duncan had already disrobed and paired off.

"It appears we are to assist one another with this procedure. Disrobe, Lieutenant. I will apply the gel to your spinal column." Tal'dan twisted the top off of the gel container and dipped a finger in it, tilting her head dryly.

"I will require assistance," announced the statuesque Sul. Romy moved to aid him.

"I don't like being wet. Or gooey. Or slimy. Or gel-ly." said M'Rowsh.

"That makes two of us, Lieutenant." The half-Romulan made a get on with it gesture with her unoccupied hand.

Growling his annoyance, M'Rowsh removed his uniform and presented his back to Tal'dan. Lowering his voice so only she could hear he said, "The base of the tail is a Caitian erogenous zone. I suggest applying no further than the lower ribcage." Ta'Suba glanced over his shoulder and was rewarded with the sight of yet another sarcastic eyebrow arching toward the hairline.

"I shall be certain to note that," Tal'dan replied a little wryly. She began applying the microbial gel in even strokes professionally. She finished one side first and then the other, ensuring to be more careful as she made her way to his lower spine. She handed him the gel when she was done, as if that was that. "You are set, as the humans say, to continue on your own." Tal'dan had a way of making the situation seem a little less awkward merely by not seeming to be phased by it in the slightest.

Tal'dan pulled off the top of her own uniform and crossed her arms over her chest. "At your discretion, Nurse Hutt," she said simply as she turned her back to the nurse, who obliged.

"Make sure you get that gel everywhere that has exposed tissue, Lieutenant" the nurse adivsed. "Don't be bashful; we're all adults here." He knew that Ta'Suba had pulled some strings to get him assigned to the team -- the nurse wasn't about to tell him that this extra measure was implemented upon his personal reccomendation. Everyone on the team with the exception of its leader and advisor, were in on the joke and all were struggling to keep straight faces. Payback was indeed a b*tch.



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