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Welcome to the most awesome ship Star Fleet has ever known, the USS Chuck Norris! If you think you have what it takes to serve aboard the mighty Chuck Norris, join today. Otherwise, go back home to mommy.

For more information about the USS Chuck Norris and our open style of role playing/creative writing, click on the about tab above. There you'll find our official guidelines and a few recommendations regarding participation in the sim. As you'll see, we're not your average play by post game. If you would like to give it a shot with us, click join on the side menu, and we'll see you onboard!

The USS Chuck Norris is a proud member of Independence Fleet.

USS Chuck Norris facts:

* The USS Chuck Norris is Star Fleet's only ship named after a living person.
* The USS Chuck Norris is the only starship that has a roundhouse kick in its weapons arsenal.
* The USS Chuck Norris doesn't carry photon torpedoes. Opening hailing frequencies usually does the trick.
* Captain Picard was offered command of the USS Chuck Norris, but turned it down because he wanted to seek out new life, not kill it.
* Captain Kirk was offered command of the USS Chuck Norris, but turned it down because Chuck Norris told him to.
* Captain Archer wasn't offered command of the USS Chuck Norris. He was too young.
* The USS Chuck Norris broke the starship speed record. Its warp engines were installed the next day.
* The USS Chuck Norris rarely engages its engines. Its transporter range is the entire universe.
* Q once tried to appear on the bridge of the USS Chuck Norris. He's still in the brig.
* The USS Chuck Norris has never raised its shields. No one would dare fire on the Chuck Norris.
* The Borg once tried to assimilate the USS Chuck Norris. Their collective consciousness now belongs to Chuck Norris.
* The USS Chuck Norris doesn't have a life support system. It doesn't need a crew.
* The USS Chuck Norris doesn't have a subspace communications system. Its iPhone (version 1) still seems to be working fine.
* The USS Chuck Norris launched on Monday. The Q continuum surrendered to the Federation on Tuesday.
* The USS Chuck Norris doesn't use phasers. Its roundhouse kick is much more effective, and instantly deadly.

In case you're wondering, those facts are just for fun and have no bearing on the story or the game. :)

Latest News

» New Mission

Posted on Tue Jul 22nd, 2014 @ 12:04am by Captain Shane Youngblood in General News

Ok, so after a small delay...... the new mission will start tonight...... once I figure out how to change that in the nova..... XD

Everyone is so quiet..... where you all at? :(

» Task Force Commander position open

Posted on Sat Jul 12th, 2014 @ 12:22am by Captain Shane Youngblood in General News

The position of Task Force Commander of Task Force Alpha is currently open. The ideal candidate will be someone that has a decent amount of simm experience, has time to mentor other simmers and captains, and has time to monitor sims under their command and post on those sims regularly. Please let me know if you are interested so I can forward Admiral Wheeler your information. Thank you.

» Current Mission

Posted on Fri Jul 11th, 2014 @ 4:40am by Captain Shane Youngblood in General News

In the original spirit of the current mission, I do not have any final plans on how this mission will end. I have an idea on how I can wrap it all up, but what's the fun in me doing it? If someone wants to put this one down, by all means take charge. :) Only thing I ask is that once everything is wrapped up, just have us set course back to Starbase 10.

And if noone wants to take it up, I will go ahead and end it Sunday night.

We will do some character development from then until Wednesday Night when I start our new mission. If anyone has an idea they wish to put forth for a new mission, send me a PM.

» June IDF Award Nominees...

Posted on Sun Jul 6th, 2014 @ 3:10am by Commodore Dick Sprague in General News

Here they are. Good luck, everyone!

Best Post: Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor, Chief Medical Officer, for "Serendipity"
One heck of a nudge.

Funniest Post: Warrant Officer Dex Hellion, Small Craft Pilot, for "Exit Wound"
Great on a number of different levels... and points.

Genesis Post: Captain Dick Sprague, Commanding Officer, for "I'm the luckiest Captain alive"
Sprague passes the torch and inaugurates a new era on the Chuck Norris. Oh, and he recognizes an important anniversary in the process.

MVP: Chief Warrant Officer Travis Hunter, Assistant Engineering Officer
New to the ship in this role, Hunter didn't disappoint. He led the sim in total posts and kept the plot moving with his fresh and inventive twists. Seemingly using every character to the max, he makes the most of each situation and creates openings in which other players have multiple avenues to choose from. All in all, an absolutely fantastic month from our former XO and future Captain.

Rookie of the Month: None due to no new crewmembers (that haven't simmed before)

Most Improved: None

Most Posts: Commander John Sunfeather, Chief Intelligence Officer, and Chief Warrant Officer Travis Hunter, Assistant Engineering Officer, with 5 posts each

Recruitment: None due to no new crewmembers

-Capt Sprague

» Fourth of July

Posted on Fri Jul 4th, 2014 @ 6:43pm by Captain Shane Youngblood in Out of Character

Today is a special day folks!

Today we celebrate the United States of America's Independence Day!
Please remember the reason for today and that it's not just a day off of work and a cookout with your families. People fought hard to gain our freedom.

Today is also the 13th birthday of Independence Fleet! Happy Birthday IDF!

For those of you who are not from the States, Happy Friday! Friday is still a good day. :)

Also, a belated Happy Canada Day (7/1) to our XO from the North, Commander Winters!

Take care everyone, be safe!

Captain Shane Youngblood