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The Chuck Norris is a little different from most other sims out there. Your typical role play game only allows you to write about your own character, giving you little to no influence in the actual story. Once the Captain/GM/Host has a plan for a mission or episode, there's limited room for deviation. Indeed, your posts are pretty inconsequential in the end. Not so on the Chuck Norris!

As a member of this crew, we welcome your contributions to the overall story--no matter how big or small. Be bold! In fact, we not only allow you to write about other player-controlled characters, we encourage you to do so. Wherever we as a crew take the story is where it goes. Why not give our open style of role playing and creative writing a try?

USS Chuck Norris official guidelines:

The USS Chuck Norris observes all Independence Fleet rules and regulations.

1) Be respectful of others at all times.
2) This sim is rated PG-13.
3) Character names must not be in use in another form of fiction (e.g., books, movies, television, etc).
4) Players may have no more than one character in the sim at any given time.
5) Players must post at least once per month.
6) Players may not send two mission posts in a row in less than 24 hours. For example, if Bob posted at 1 o'clock, he can't then post again at 5 o'clock if no one else posted between his two posts. If Joe, however, also posted at 3 o'clock, then Bob could send that second post at 5 o'clock. Another example: If Bob posted at 1 o'clock on Monday and no one else posted by 1 o'clock on Tuesday, Bob would be free to post again without waiting for someone else.)
7) Players are not permitted to kill or permanently maim other player-controlled characters in-story.
8) Players are not permitted to destroy the USS Chuck Norris in-story.
9) Players must post in the prose format, script format, or some combination of the two. The prose format is standard writing that one would find in most literature. The script format is as follows:


Character: ::actions:: "Dialog." =/\=Communicator dialog.=/\= (Thoughts.)

10) Most importantly, have fun!

And a few recommendations...

1) Read a character's bio before using him or her in your posts to get a feel for how the player behind the character would like him or her to be used.
2) Don't post about the past. Pick up the story right where the last person left off.
3) Don't dwell on your character's back story. It's just not as interesting to others. Instead, show how your character and the others respond to the situation we're currently in. Put your back story in your bio.
4) Don't fix problems too soon. What would a Star Trek episode be if they solved everything in the first 10 minutes? Pretty lame! Instead, make the problems worse or even add to them.
5) Keep it relevant. If a mission is all about the Klingons, don't have the Borg randomly show up and start assimilating everyone. Ask yourself this: Would it work in a Star Trek episode?
6) Be bold! Be creative! Leave your mark on the story!
7) Proofread... and spell check!
8) Use other player-controlled characters before using crewmember NPCs.
9) If you have questions, ask! Feel free to contact any other member of the sim through the website or email Captain Sprague at
10) Have fun! It's not only recommended, but it's rule #10 too!

If the Chuck Norris sounds like the type of game you'd like to try, feel free to join us today.