Monaca V

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After returning to DS9, the Chuck Norris will return to action on it's own! The new crew is ordered to Monaca V to investigate a potential uprising.

Part of 2016 - Season Five

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Welcome Aboard

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The crew for Star Fleet's newest vessel, the USS Chuck Norris, reports for duty. Captain Sprague, however, believes he's just a passenger and doesn't realize he's actually the ship's commanding officer.

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Two is Not Better than One

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The Chuck Norris receives a distress signal from an alternate universe Chuck Norris. Finding the other Chuck Norris deserted, the crew beams over a landing party to investigate. Immediately after their arrival, the the actual Chuck Norris witnesses the alternate Chuck Norris explode. The landing party, however, seems to still be alive and loses all contact with their actual ship.

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Starbase 10 And Then Some

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The Chuck Norris arrives at Starbase 10 for some R & R, but get more than they bargained for when Captain Sprague and Commander Butlh are arrested and charged with murder.

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Stark IV and More

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The Chuck Norris responds to a medical emergency from the mining colony on Stark IV.

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Strange Communique

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The crew of the Chuck Norris is assigned to an undercover investigation to determine who is sending unauthorized transmissions from Starbase 10 to Romulus.

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Not Where I Belong

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The Chuck Norris is assigned to investigate an anomaly on the planet Varek 3, where the culture is about to develop warp drive. As the Chuck Norris leaves Space Dock, however, the crew mysterious switches places with each other, unbeknownst to everyone except for the new Chief Engineer.

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Revisiting the War

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The Chuck Norris is given a top secret mission that may violate Federation treaty.

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Captain Sprague's delinquent teenage nephew, Rodney, comes aboard during a mission to deliver an antidote for a deadly virus to a scientific colony. While en route, however, the antidote is destroyed. Whodunit?

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Flowers for Chuck Norris

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The Chuck Norris is assigned to evacuate a Star Fleet Intelligence research & development team from an uninhabited planet before a rogue Klingon faction arrives and steals their material. While en route, however, the normally incompetent Captain Sprague begins showing unusual intelligence. Unfortunately, the rest of the crew seem to be exhibiting uncharacteristic lapses in judgment and mistakes.

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The crew is set for a battle simulation that will pit Captain Sprague and the Chuck Norris against Commander Youngblood and the decommissioned USS George W. Bush. Not only is it to evaluate how Commander Youngblood is progressing as a First Officer, but also to test the capabilities of a Defiant Class starship under Sprague's command. Little does anyone realize, someone is planning to use Youngblood as a scapegoat for Sprague's demise.

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Brothers in Arms

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The Chuck Norris rescues the crew of a doomed freighter, whose crew believes that a pre-warp planet might be responsible for their ship's destruction. The Chuck Norris investigates.

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Not a Full Complement

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The Chuck Norris responds to a distress signal from another Star Fleet vessel. However, four of the Chuck Norris's officers are still missing on Star Base 10.

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The Importance of the Arts

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Why is an opera singer receiving a security detail normally reserved for top brass?

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Best in Show

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Captain Sprague's old friend, Fleet Inspector General Joseph Carroll, accompanies Captain Frostwater and the rest of his inspection team onboard the Chuck Norris as they evaluate Sprague and the crew. Frostwater is known as the toughest inspector in the fleet, and failure means Sprague's firing and forced retirement.

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All Shook Up

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While on shore leave on Risa, the crew of the USS Chuck Norris inadvertently interferes with the USS Sunfire's covert mission. The Sunfire is trying to stop an intergalactic terrorist from selling starbase access codes to the Romulans while the Chuck Norris is in town for the galaxy's biggest Elvis convention. Something's gotta give.

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Tiss the Season

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The Chuck Norris is sent back to Earth for repairs while the crew is assigned a PR mission at home.

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Operation: Incursion Omega

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Walks Like a Duck

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The Road Taken

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After just recently accepting command of the USS Chuck Norris, Captain Youngblood is ordered to escort a convoy of Federation Supply ships to Thalos IV. When they arrive at the rendezvous coordinates however..... they find more than they bargained for.....

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Test Flight

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The Chuck Norris is sent to SB9 to recieve upgrades to their engine and weapons to allow them to explore deep space better..... nothing can go wrong with experimental technology right?

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Alpha and Gamma

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Part of 2015 - Season Four

Total Eclipse

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With the Federation still at war, the crew embark forth on the freshly built USS Eclipse. The Eclipse is a modified Sovereign Class vessel dubbed the "Sunfeather Type" after the original creator of the modifications, John Sunfeather. The Eclipse's shuttle bay takes up the majority of the secondary hull allowing for docking of a Defiant class inside of it.

Part of 2015 - Season Four