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To Follow or Not to Follow?

Posted on Sat Mar 10th, 2012 @ 4:53am by Commodore Dick Sprague

Mission: Two is Not Better than One
Location: Various


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{Other Chuck Norris, bridge}

"Sir, I'm getting a high priority encoded transmission from Star Fleet," said Durand.

"On screen," replied Sprague as he shifted his weight in the command chair.

Mor'Tag knew something wasn't right. This wasn't the bumbling Sprague he remembered.

"Good morning, Captain Sprague," said the Admiral on the screen. "This is it. We've just received intel that the Romulan Praetor will be on an unescorted vessel en route to Reban IV in exactly two days. Your mission is to enter Romulan space covertly and destroy that vessel. Details to follow. Star Fleet out."

Mor'Tag scratched his head. "We're not at war with the Romulans!" Everyone turned to look at him.

"Warp 9, Mr. Hellion," said Sprague with an eyebrow raised toward Mor'Tag.

"Warp 9, engaged!" said Hellion from the helm.

Something was definitely wrong.

{USS Chuck Norris, bridge}

"Commander, look!" said M.I.U. as she pointed forward. A transparent version of the Chuck Norris seemed to appear on screen. Just as soon as it was there, it was gone.

"I'm getting a warp signature ahead... I think," added Hellion.

"It appears to be a standard warp signature, but there are some irregularities," said Durand. "If I read this correctly, whatever it is is headed to the Romulan neutral zone."

Butlh had a decision to make: Continue the investigation where the other Chuck Norris exploded or follow the phantom warp signature?


Can't wait to see what happens next!

Captain Dick Sprague
Commanding Officer
USS Chuck Norris NCC-4005


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