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Forbidden Love

Posted on Wed Oct 17th, 2012 @ 1:22pm by Staff Warrant Officer Dex Hellion

Mission: Rodney
Location: Transporter Room
Timeline: Gamma Shift
Tags: You

OFF: Hey guys! Glad to be back from my LOA. This post is just going to tie up some loose ends with a couple of inactive characters who left the sim a while back. This won't do anything to follow the current storyline so don't get confused by it or anything. It's pretty much just a stand alone post. I'll jump right into the main story the next time I post! Cya then!

ON: [Transporter Room]

It was late Gamma Shift. The lone security officer on duty, Ensign Vera Outlaw, knew that the transporter room would be unmanned. It was so hard trying to carry on an unauthorized relationship aboard a Starfleet vessel, especially one as small as the Chuck Norris. Luckily her late assignment on Gamma Shift, and the virtue of her position in security allowed for an easier covert love affair.

Ensign Rae Gerloff, the Gamma Shift nurse, was led in to the dimly lit transporter room by the much younger Ensign Outlaw. Even though Nurse Gerloff was almost 10 years her senior, Vera was still more take-charge, and as Rae was more reserved and shy, that's what she preferred.

Once the transporter room doors hissed shut, Vera ordered in hushed tones, "Computer, lock this door, security authorization Outlaw gamma seven." The computer chirped in reply.

Outlaw turned to face Gerloff and smiled as she approached her quickly into an embrace. They began to kiss passionately and Vera pushed Rae back lustfully, falling onto the transporter control panel. As they continued their illicit rendezvous, Nurse Gerloff's backside was unintentionally hitting random coordinates on the control panel.

As Vera began removing some of the nurse's clothing, Rae stopped her. "Let's move to the transporter pad," she whipsered with a smile. Vera looked into her gorgeous blue eyes and smiled back. "OK."

The transporter pad was larger and provided more room for activities, but it was just as uncomfortable as the control panel, if not more so. But it didn't matter. They loved each other, and it wouldn't matter if they were laying on a bed of nails and broken glass as long as they were together.

Unfortunately, neither of them knew that they had unintentionally keyed in the automatic transport controls....


Lieutenant Baltimore sat in the command chair. It was his first time as the watch officer on Gamma Shift. The Captain and XO were both fast asleep, and only a skeleton crew operated at these hours.

He sat in a bored daze, mindlessly watching the stars come whizzing by on the viewscreen. An alarm from the Operations console immediately shook him out of his thoughts, or lack thereof.

"Lieutenant," reported Ensign Riley, clearly also surprised by the alarm, "we've got an unauthorized transport in progress!"

Baltimore jumped up out of the command chair. "What?? Who? Huh?"

The Ops officer's fingers danced across his console frantically. "I can't reverse it! It's done. I'm trying to determine what happened. I'm reading Ensign Outlaw's and Ensign Gerloff's combadges in the transporter room," reported Riley.

Baltimore tapped his combadge. "Bridge to Outlaw, report!"

No response.

"Bridge to Gerloff, respond immediately. What's going on down there, transporter room?"

No response.

"Sir," began Riley, "I'm not reading their biosigns on board. I think they transported off...but...this doesn't make any sense...the coordinates were set for five thousand kilometers dead ahead in empty space."

Baltimore was astonished. "What??" He stammered as he tried to think of any logical explanation. "Dead ahead in empty space?"

Just then as they both turned their attention to the viewscreen, two naked human females splattered across the front of the ship in hideous red explosions like bugs on the windshield of an ancient Earth automobile traveling down the expressway.

"Awwwwwwww!" both men shouted in unison at the sight of the gory red splashes.

"Do we have windshield wipers?!" quipped Baltimore.

"Clean-up on aisle one," said Riley.

OFF: Well that was a tragic end to a Chuck Norris love story! Again, this was just a stand alone post to tie up those loose ends and has nothing to do with the current storyline. Hope you enjoyed it! :)

Warrant Officer Dex Hellion
Chief Shuttle Pilot
USS Chuck Norris


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By Natira Duval on Fri Oct 19th, 2012 @ 11:36am

Theirs was a death without honor...We will not see them in Stoval Kor...