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New Mission - Atonement

Posted on Wed Dec 12th, 2012 @ 5:58am by Captain Shane Youngblood

Mission: Atonement
Location: USS Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current

OFF: And here we go...

{USS Chuck Norris - Bridge}
"Commander," Mor'tag chimed in from the Ops station, "incoming communication from Starbase 10."

Shane spun around in the command chair. "Interesting, we aren't set to redock for another couple weeks. Captain Sprague, can you please join us on the bridge?"

A few moments later, Sprague emerged from his ready room, suprisingly looking very spry, and not at all like he was taking a nap... which is usually what is going on in there.

"Status Commander?"

Shane vacated the command chair to allow the Captain to sit down. "Incoming transmission from Starbase, from one...."

"Commodore Logan Kingston." Mor'tag brought over a PADD with a small bit of information about him.

"Director of Command Affairs?" Shane questioned.

"Haha! Today might be your lucky day, Number one." Sprague sat down. "On screen." The screen changed over to a man in his late 30's, kind of young for a flag officer of the fleet. Dark blonde hair, skinny, looks kind of like he a "desk jockey". "Commodore, I am Captain Sprague, what can I do for you today?"

"Greetings Captain. My official rank is Commodore, however, I simply go by 'Director'. I have been sent by Starfleet Command to evaluate your vessel and crew, more specifically your first officer."

"Me sir?"

"Yes, Commander. When approaching the first year as first officer on a vessel, Command likes to ensure that you are progressing towards the path of starship command. This is an extra special case, in that we have been closely monitoring the effects routine missions on the Defiant Class Starship."

"Understood. Battle Simulation?" Sprague asked.

"Correct, fairly standard proceedure. Your first officer, will assume command of a vessel. Your second officer, which I believe is.... Major Mayta Mor'tag... will assume the role as your first officer. And your next most senior officer, Lieutenant Commander Aurthur Winters, will assume the role of first officer to Commander Youngblood. I understand Winters is Chief Engineer, so that works well as he would be removed from his position temporarily so my team could unbiasly gauge your engines. The rest of your senior staff will be divided and my team will help supliment the extras. I will send you the details of that. Commander, you are familiar with this scenario?"

"I have heard of it, the first officer takes command in a vessel that should be far outmatched and outgunned, and is graded on their performance. Winning or Losing, is not a factor."

"Correct. You will be in commmand of the USS George W. Bush, an Excelsior Class vessel. Obviously much larger than the Chuck Norris, it has been retrofitted. You will be tested on how well you handle an enemy that is much more manuverable, and with superior armament."

"I thought the original GWB was destroyed years ago?" Sprague asked.

"It's a tribute ship to the orignal. It was a decommissioned ship brought back into service for these exercises. We have transmitted the site coordinates and we will meet you there in three hours. Kingston out."

"Sir, we are receiving the files." Mor'tag said from Ops. Shane and Sprague headed to the station.

"Well, it looks like it's all there, Commander.... or... Captain, I guess for this little exercise." Sprague chuckled. "Major, congratulations, you have been promoted to first officer. Not only is this an exciting chance for Shane, but it is for you as well."

"It shall be an honorable battle!"

"Well, I suppose I will need to round up my team." Shane said transferring the data to his PADD. "Gentlemen."

"Oh, and Shane.... Don't try the Picard Maneuver on us... I won't fall for it."

"Gotcha. Good luck, guys." Shane dissappeared into the turbolift to assemble his assigned staff.


"Finally, after such waiting, the perfect opportunity has arisen, and my vengence will be at hand!" An unknown shadowy figure proclaimed. "Not only will I destroy the man who ruined me, but I will blame it on his first officer! Bwhahahahahaha. Your time has come Dick Sprague....."

There you go folks. We have been set up for a routine simulation, but it appears as someone else has plans for our good captain, and worse... wants to blame me for it! Feel free to set up anything you wish, I of course have an idea where I want this story to go, but twists and turns are always the best.

Here are the team setups. Any of the NPC's are from Kingston's team.

Chuck Norris
Observer - Cmdr. William Rhodes (Yet to be introduced, Assistant Director of Command Affairs, will be observing Chuck Norris crew during simulation.)(NPC)
CO - Capt. Sprague
XO - Maj. Mor'tag
2O/CSO - Lt. Kerr
CEO - Lt. Charles Rollins (Yet to be introduced, Engineer Kingston spoke of for the simulation)(NPC)
CMO - Lt. Relor
CIO/Strategist - Ens. Zendretty
CSciO - Lt. Nelson
Yeoman - PO2 Duval
CConnO - Ens. Ralph Shoat (NPC)
COps - Ens. Zutak (NPC)

George W. Bush
Observer - Director Logan Kingston (Commodore Rank Flag Officer, Director of Command Affairs, Will be observing Cmdr. Youngblood during this simulation.)(NPC)
CO - Cmdr. Youngblood
XO - Lt. Cmdr Winters
2O/CSO - Lt. Razer
CMO - Ens. Maghda
CConnO - WO Hellion
Morale Officer/Stategist - Tobis Perid
COps - Ens. Barbara Jones (NPC)
CSciO - Ens. Sean Fyreheart (NPC)
CEO - Ens. Jack Matro (NPC)


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