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Posted on Fri Jan 25th, 2013 @ 3:44am by Commander Feyd Relor

Mission: Atonement
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


Sorry all, been super busy with work. Trying to get back into the swing of things...


[USS George W. Bush]

Youngblood watched with anticipation as the Chuck Norris closed in. "Cry Baby, Cry." He mumbled.

Razer grinned in response. "And make your mother sigh..." he said, and pressed a button on the tactical console.

[Chuck Norris]

"Sir, I'm reading a distress signal, bearing 003 Mark the other end of this system." Mor'tag said, his brows knitting in confusion. "It appears to be an Ekronian freighter. Sir, it's bearing the same energy signature as those rogues we ran into during the Haley III mission."

Sprague was still trying in vain to understand where bearing 003 was relative to the plain they were on. Was it 3 degrees from their current plain or 3 degrees from the plain they
were on before changing course, or was it..."What?"

Mor'tag made a frustrated sound. "The Firefly freighter, sir. I'm getting a distress signal from them."

Sprague glanced at the screen, and the fact that they were on an intercept course with the Bush, and gnashed his teeth.

Zendretty glanced up. "Sir, if it's really them, it would be wise to capture them. They're wanted by several governments for questioning."

Sprague: "Damn it. You're right, the war games will have to wait. Plot an intercept course and notify the Bush we're cutting engagement."

Mor'tag: "Aye sir."


Razer slapped his console and hooted. "They're changing course, sir. They took the bait."
Youngblood grinned. "Nice work, Lieutenant. Youngblood to Winters, you read that?"

[Shuttle - Near the location of the distress signal]

Winters: "Sure did...did Razer just hoot? Anyway, as soon as they drop shields to transport 'survivors', we'll board the Chuck Norris. Let's just hope they don't look out a window..."


Ok so Winters and an away team are aboard a shuttle within transporter range of the distress beacon, which is broadcasting the energy signature of the Ekronian Freighter from our last encounter. Of course, the real freighter is long gone, but the GWB crew made the illusion as real as possible to sensors. Their plan is to board the Norris and take it from within when they drop shields to beam aboard survivors. Let's see if the plan works...

Lieutenant JG Feyd Relor
Nurse/Combat Medic
USS Chuck Norris


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