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Brothers in Arms

Posted on Sat Mar 23rd, 2013 @ 10:34pm by Commander Aurther Winters
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Mission: Brothers in Arms
Location: U.S.S. Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current

OFF: Hey guys, this is my first attempt to write a mission, I hope to not let you down. I hope all you new guys jump in.

ON: (U.S.S. Chuck Norris - Bridge)

Commander Youngblood entered the bridge and looked around, taking in a brief moment he saw that everything had returned to normal. The crew at their stations, the atmosphere back to its original feeling. It had only been a short time since their incident with the war games, but the crew and ship seemed to be rebuilding themselves up as fast as they had be known for. Captain Sprague turned to face Shane, his hand outstretched knowing that Shane would hand him a report and tell him some information. He would probably forget the information a few hours from now, but it was important at this very moment.

"The repairs to the ship are almost all finished, at least the exterior damaged has been repaired. Commander Winters informs me that the internal repairs should be completed within the end of the day."

"I see... so what you're trying to say is that he is slacking a little." Sprague laughed.

"Just a little" Shane smiled "As well, the new crew seems to be fitting in quite well already, they're settled in and have reported to their department heads..." he took a moment to re-read the report, "I don't see any problems."

"Excellent" Sprague handed Shane a PADD back that was sitting beside him. "Well it would appear that our orders have come in. Starfleet thinks it would be best if we took over patrol for the Baltimore"

"The Baltimore huh... out patrolling in sector 34B. I think they've had it to easy for awhile now, it must be our turn. Helm bring us around on a heading of 123 mark 73 plot a course for the Meinus System and engage at Warp 8."

"Aye Sir" Hellion Responded "Course set and plotted"

"Engage" Sprague ordered and within seconds the blue lights of the Chuck Norris shimmered and she disappeared into the blackness of space.

(2 Days later)

"Sir, I'm getting some sort of reading, originating from 321 mark 037 " Mor'Tag called out. Shane looked up from his work, setting it on his lap, and slowly spun towards the Major. "It appears to be a distress signal coming from a freighter outside the Barleath system."

"Let's hear it"

"Audio only"

"This is the Tarlok Freighter Chikook.... struck by...t of missile... hull breach... injured cr... ple... elp... ower systems fai..." with a sizzle and crackle the audio cut out.

"Where are they?" Shane asked standing up from the Command Chair, he quickly headed over to Lt. Razer's station.

"Here sir" He brought up the position of both ships. "They are 23 minutes away at current speed, but if we increase to warp 9 we can make it there in less then 10"

"Hellion, plot an intercept course, maximum warp. Alert medical to prepare for incoming casualties. Set condition yellow, Captain Sprague to the bridge."

Within minutes Captain Sprague had arrived on the bridge, the glow of the flashing yellow lights blinked every few seconds. The Chuck Norris dropped out of warp and appeared back into the void and headed straight for the freighter. Of in the distance the brown freighter spun out of control. Normally, the brown freighter would be 5 decks high, and almost 200 meters long. However in its current state, the entire back section of the ship was blown, and smaller holes riddled throughout the ship from smaller explosions. The lights continued to flicker on and off sporadically as the Chuck Norris drew closer and closer.

"Report" Shane called out.

"Sensors indicate that their warp drive have failed, I am detecting a considerable amount of debris and bodies leaving from the ship. The superstructure of the ship has be compromised, I'm not sure how much time it will continue to have power." Razer replied.

"I detect no other ships within the system sir, also no residual traces of weapons fire." Mor'Tag also chipped in.

"Could this had been an accident?" Sprague questioned.

Mor'Tag checked his sensors looking over the damage. "Negative sir, scans show the explosion originated from outside the ship, and internal damage after the initial strike."

"Try and hail them." Sprague shifted in his chair uncomfortably.

"No Response" Mor'Tag looked towards the view screen as the ship and the debris field came closer and closer.

"Life signs?" Youngblood also watched the ship as well.

"I'm getting at least 17 life signs. A normal crew compliment of a ship that size is at least 55."

A somber moment fell over the entire bridge crew as they contemplated the fate of the poor souls on board.

"Get the survivors out of there--beam them directly to sickbay" Youngblood ordered.

(Chuck Norris - Sickbay)

Within a minute the 17 survivors had been beamed into sickbay. While the majority of them were in stable condition, there were 4 with burned and tattered uniforms, and injuries all over their bodies just screaming in pain. Doctor Maghda was doing all she could for one of the man, while Ensign Hale attended to another. Lt. Relor was triaging the other two men.

"I need 50 CC's of arithrazine for all of these men, they have radiation poising, and watch their levels!" Maghda ordered, after completing her initial medial scans.

"Quit your whining, you're going to be alright." He hit one of the men with a hyopspray, which caused him to pass out. "I've had men with their legs blow off scream less then you"

"Calm down!"


"If you don't calm down..."

"Just sedate him already!"

"It... it hurts so much!!!"

Sickbay had in moments been turned into a war zone of pain and suffering. All the doctors and nurses were doing their best to assess and help the injured crewmen. The expert medical staff had it under control and stabilized all of the injured crewman. By that time Commander Youngblood made his way and entered sick bay. He took another moment to look around and gather his thoughts. This scene was the polar opposite of the bridge. Most of the freighter crew was sitting leaned against the walls, as sickbay did not have enough beds to accommodate all the injured, just the more serious cases. As he entered one of the men checked over a few of his fellow crew before making his way to Shane.

"Are you in charge?"

"Commander Shane Youngblood, First Officer, U.S.S. Chuck Norris" The Captain grabbed Shane by the shoulders, and squeezed them. Shane assumed that it was a greeting like a handshake.

"Captain Procin, of... well.. that wreck outside." he said somberly.

"What happened?"

"I don't know. Our government warned us not to travel this way, because of some sort of tests, or something. But it saved it so much time on our travel. We have been running this route for the least 2 years. I never thought it would happen to us."


"Yes... some planet... around here. Barleath... 3 I think. Some planet that is far inferior in technology. But we had heard rumors." He paused and leaned in closer to Shane. "Rumors that they had some sort of warp technology and were testing it on weapons. A first strike weapon, where there would be no time react... not until it was too late... which is my guess to what we were struck by."

"Well I would say that there is a good chance it's fact"

"Yes... it would seem that now." the Freighter Captain hung his head in shame. "What about my crew... my ship."

"I'm afraid the ship is lost, our scans show it to be a wreck, your power plant has shut down and she is adrift. As for your crew, I am afraid this is everyone."

The Captain looked around, with tears in his eyes. "We were on a training mission, with new recruits... some as young as 14... and I don't see any of them"

Shane stood looking at the man. This was the worst nightmare for a Captain, and he didn't know what to say to help him. At this moment there was nothing to say, nothing that would help him. The Captain turned and put both his hands on his shoulder, pulling him in for hug. "Thank you though, for everything you've done. I can assure you, my thanks comes from my crew as well".

"We will contact your government, they will be able to make preparations for aid."

"Will you get everyone for me Commander... I've never left a crewman behind... and I don't want to start now."

"We'll start a recovery mission as soon as we can." Shane nodded, the Captain nodded and headed back to check on his crew while Shane left to inform Captain Sprague of the situation.

(U.S.S. Chuck Norris - Bridge)

Shane stormed back into the bridge, nearly taking out a crewman trying to leave. "Helm set a course to Barleath 3 and take us there at maximum speed."

"Aye sir" Hellion replied.

"Care to explian" Sprague asked.

"Sir, the Tarlok are a member of the Federation and their ship has been attacked, possibly from this planet. We need to investigate this incident before something else like this happens again."

Sprague thought for a moment, "Very well, besides, routine patrols aren't as exciting as I remembered them." Sprague cracked his neck back and forth.

(U.S.S. Chuck Norris - Conference Room -Orbit of Barleath 3)

"What information have you acquired Lieutenant?" Sprague question Lt. Nelson, who was standing at the head of the table. On either side of the table sat Captain Sprague, Commander Youngblood, Major Mor'Tag, Commander Winters, Doctor Maghda and Ensign Zendretty.

"From our initial scans, if I had to date this planet, I would put it is about 4.5 billion years old. Its atmosphere is almost identical to Earth. Although it has a slightly higher oxygen levels, which would make it much easier for us to breath. From my research it seems the planet is split into two governments, one controlling the Northern Hemisphere and one controlling the south. If the initial report of their technology would be correct, then the comparison is that they would be in the same state Earth was in around the 1940 - 1950's. I have not been able get a reading on anything that would suggest otherwise, or that they have any sort of warp technology, but our scans are the planet are inconclusive so far. Further scans and investigation into the matter of the missiles will still take some time. I have been able to replicate some of their clothes, and I suggest if we want to know more, we should go down there and see what we can find."

Sprague took a moment to think before turning to Shane, "What do you think?"

"I'll take an away team down there. We'll blend in, try to find out as much information as we can and report back" Shane scanned over his briefing. "Aurther, you're with me, as well I will take Lt. Relor. Lt. Nelson, Ensign Hale and Ensign Liberty will join us as well. Doctor Maghda keep treating the wounded until we can contact their government. As for the rest of you, continue work on the salvage mission with the freighter, the rest of you keep your departments up to date and keep looking for any sign of weapons or warp technology. The ship will remain at Yellow alert until we can be sure there is no danger. Away team we will meet in transporter room 1 in 4 hours, you have that time to prepare. Dismissed."

OFF: So there we go, we are in orbit and will be heading down to the planet for some 1940's fun. So if you weren't listed to go down to the planet, have some fun with your characters, the wreckage or the mystery missiles. If you want to post during our travels that I kind of skipped ahead, you can do that too. Now for some helpful info.

Northern Hemisphere Prime Minister Dryden Alvador
Northern Hemisphere Head of the Military Archer Gomez
Northern Hemisphere Co-Head of Military Lana Rooter
Northern Hemisphere Co-Head of Military Cyrial Zhen

Southern Hemisphere President Deonna Normandeau
Southern Hemisphere Head Military Master at Arms Flossie Courts
Southern Hemisphere Master General of Military Antoine Shepherd

Barleath 3 is designed and looks like Earth in the 1940's, with tech and designs. So 40's clothes, speak, car designs.

Lt. Cmdr. Aurther Winters
Chief Engineer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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