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Side Effects

Posted on Fri Feb 15th, 2013 @ 3:35am by Commander Feyd Relor

Mission: Atonement
Location: Chuck Norris Bridge
Timeline: Current


Moving things forward a bit...


[Chuck Norris Bridge]

Feyd watched the scene before him unfold with in a sustained state of incredulity. Watching Delta rage at Sprague was like watching a really really bad holo novel, and the Corpsman would never burn the images out of his mind.

"On the floor now!" He screamed, spittle flying from his mouth. The moment tickled Feyd's memory, and it took him a few seconds to put things together. With a flash of insight, he remembered where he'd seen this behavior before.

Back on Erp, during the Murtaw invasion, some of his fellow guerrillas had discovered a plant whose leaves could give them enhanced combat abilities: increased oxygen exchange, increased muscle mass, increased thought processing...but at a price.

Granted, at that time, any edge meant the difference between life and death...literally. And given the fact that a sniper rifle could take you out any second, side effects weren't really a major concern. Acting on a hunch, Feyd gambled that Delta suffered similar side effects from whatever it was that he was on - paranoia.

Feyd turned to Dex, his new nemesis, and spoke just loud enough to be heard in between Delta's screams. "...didn't think he'd fall for it."

Delta whirled toward the Corpsman, his phaser switching targets as he did. "What did you say!?"

Feyd looked as if he'd been caught spilling a rather large secret. "Uhhhh, nothing. Nothing at all. You were gonna kill Sprague, don't stop now!"

Sprague swung his vapid gaze toward Relor, his eyebrows knitting in confusion.

"Time is running out, man! Kill him before he gets away!" Feyd yelled, a little too desperately.

Delta seethed with frustration and distrust. " you want me to kill him...that must mean this is some kind of trap."

Feyd: "No it isn't, just shoot him, now!"

Sprague: "Lt Relor, shut up dude!"

Hellion: "Yeah dude, very un-hero like." He said, shaking his head judgmentally.

Only Winters and Youngblood seemed to understand what was going on.

Youngblood whispered to Winters: "...gonna have to try plan B."

Winters nodded sagely. "Agreed."

Delta spun around, his phaser swinging wildly between Relor, Winters, Youngblood and Sprague. At this point his paranoid mind had no way to know where this imminent trap-spring would come from.


Just buying a little time...

Lt jg Feyd Relor
USS Chuck Norris


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