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One last attempt!

Posted on Sun Mar 3rd, 2013 @ 4:44am by Commander Aurther Winters
Edited on on Mon Apr 1st, 2013 @ 9:23pm

Mission: Atonement
Location: U.S.S. Chuck Norris
Timeline: Current

OFF: Well, I'll take that ball and run with it.... for the touchdown!!!

ON: {Long Range Shuttle}

"I don't know how you do it Sprague... I don't know how every time I think I have you cornered... outnumbered... all hope is lost... you always seem to get out of the situation. To others, they might just pass that as luck, or mere chance. But not me... no... I have finally come to realize the truth about you." The man paced around the shuttle, finally sitting back down at the controls, watching the Chuck Norris slowly disappear from sight. "You are on the Chuck Norris because you are the BEST Starfleet officer! I know I have heard some rumors about you being an airhead, or an idiot... or other things I dare not utter because, well... even I blushed when I heard them. But I know that was a ruse that you put on. A shield to trick everyone, but your shields were not able to stop me. I have DATA! Somewhere around here... I can prove this, but no one ever seems to listen. I have submitted my report and finding to several publishers, and maybe one day people will see the true Dick Sprague... but today is about me. If anyone ever finds this recording one day, know that this is my time, my time to prove I am right and make my mark on history. Others may have tried, but today, I will finish what I started." With that, the man closed his recording and turned the shuttle back towards the Chuck Norris at full impluse. His fingers ran across the panel to his side as he started to cause a feedback in the engines of the shuttle.

{Chuck Norris - Bridge)

"You have got to be kidding me!" Shane said very loudly as he was leaving the turbolift to the bridge. Aurther was in hot pursuit still trying to calm the man down. On the bridge everyone's head slightly turned trying to see what was going on, without making it obvious that they were attempting to eavesdrop.

"What's the problem Commander?" Sprague asked turning around to face Shane.

"What's the problem... well... permission to speak candidly sir."


"My problem is after all is said and done... after our war game became very real, I was still graded as a satisfactory for my review by Director Kingston."

"Yes my dear boy" Kingston made his presence known as he was sitting in the back out of everyone's eye line."Although you did manage to make some quick decisions, and did save the Chuck Norris... the fact still remains that you put a hole in your own ship. Some things I can look over... but not that."

"A hole... in the Norris... it was to get the gas out quickly. It's not like I was just having a fun time and doing whatever tickled my fancy." Shane protested.

"Sometimes I did wonder..." Kingston said arrogantly.

Shane looked at the Kingston with the fiery passion. He had never gotten a satisfactory on a review and he would damned if it would start now. Before another work could be said though, an alarm started to ring through the bridge.

"The hell?" Aurther mumbled "The collision alarm?"

"Warning, Collision detected. Time to impact 1 minute"

"What is colliding with us here?" Youngblood made his way over to the helm and stood behind Dex.

"It appears the shuttle that dropped off the new crew has made a return course. She is traveling at full impulse and seems to have a course plotted straight into us" Mor'Tag called out.

"Hail it" Sprague ordered.

After a few seconds Mor'Tag shook his head. "No reply"

"Sir, it appears that there is a feedback in the shuttles engines... if nothing is done, she will lose containment in less then a minute."

"Hail the shuttle again" Youngblood looked at Mor'Tag who nodded back to Shane. "This is the Chuck Norris to Long Rang Shuttle Arradon, power down your engines and come around to a heading of 321 mark 034 for repairs"

Again they were met with silence before a voice finally came through. "YOU WILL RUE THE DAY YOU RUINED MY LIFE!"

"Sir collision in 30 seconds" Mor'Tag said hastily.

"Engines aren't powered up yet, I only have thrusters, I don't think we can avoid him" Hellion chimed in looking over his data.

Kingston realizing his fate started to sweat slightly, his voice cracked as he spoke "Captain... you have to do something! Now! I order you!"

"Commander Youngblood, would you take it from here."

"Red Alert, bring the shields online. Reroute all weapons power to shields."

"No wait!" Aurther interrupted. "I have an idea!" his eyes widened.

"What is it?" Shane asked.

"No time to explain... just trust me."

With a brief moment of thought he nodded and with that Aurther leaped over his chair and sat down at his engineering station. His fingers working a mile a minute as he worked on his plan.

Kingston almost leaped out of his uniform. "What? What are you doing? He didn't explain a single thing"

"Impact in 10 seconds"

"Aurther, if you have a miracle you better do it now."

"5 Seconds"

"Nooooo!" Kingston hit the deck with is eyes closed.

(Long Range Shuttle)

"VENGEANCE!!!" The man yelled.

100 meters before striking the Chuck Norris emitted a shimmering blue light that within and instant engulfed the shuttle, slowed it down and then with a flash of light the shuttle was sent flying throw space tumbling in every direction. Within the Norris herself, the lights of the ship flickered as the ship shuttered under the small explosion that rocked the hull.
In the long range shuttle the man in the red shirt was tossed all around as his internal dampeners had gone offline. His hands tried to reach and stop his overloaded engines. As he finally realized that there was no hope he let out one last scream. "CURSE YOU SPRAGUE!!! YOU BESTED ME FOR THE LAST TIME!!".
There was a small shimmer of white light came out of the shuttle, seconds later the entire shuttle exploded sending a shock wave and debris in every direction. The shields of the Norris shimmered as she was struck by both.

Kingston looked up and saw that he was still alive, he stood up trying to dust himself off hoping that no one would have noticed. However every eye was on him, it appeared that he had been away from starships for a little to long as no one else has panicked like he did. Finally coming to terms with his judgement he looked at Shane, understanding how his quick thinking and knowing his fellow crew mates strengths had adverted disaster again he said but a few words. "We'll just change that grade to Excellent".
Shane smiled knowing that with the help of a renegade shuttle, he had gotten his point across.


Lt. Cmdr. Aurther Winters
Chief Engineer
U.S.S. Chuck Norris


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