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Gutsy Dame

Posted on Tue Mar 26th, 2013 @ 9:21pm by Commander Feyd Relor

Mission: Brothers in Arms
Location: Barleath 3
Timeline: Current


Great mission so far guys! This will be fun.


[Barleath 3]

Feyd followed behind Winters and Nelson, and found that the corners of his mouth were tightening in spite of himself. He suspected, though couldn't confirm, that Winters had a 'thing' for the young pretty lieutenant.

He could see it, of course, but he had way too many personal issues to have anything but the most casual of romantic relationships.

Sadly, he wasn't really the type for said casual relationships so he remained many ways.

As they wove their way down a busy sidewalk, Feyd tried to recall the mission briefing, and the archaic phraseology the Barleathians used. "Hey boss, what are we looking for?"

Winters kept his eyes trained forward. "Hard to say Lieut...uh...Relor. I'm thinking we'll know it when we see it. Unfortunately, the uh...books we read didn't mention too much about where we should start looking for what we're looking for."

"Great..." Feyd said sarcastically.

To both of their surprise, Lt. Nelson darted forward, and ducked inside a smoky drinking establishment of some kind. Arthur and Feyd exchanged looks, shrugged, and went in behind her.

The entire place went completely silent as the young woman strode in like she owned the place, and at least 20 sets of eyes locked on the three of them: all of them men. Winters cleared his throat, and stepped toward the bar. "Three drinks, for me and my friends here."

The bartender eyed them warily, and something about the situation tickled Feyd's memory with regard to the role of women in this culture. "You got it, boss," he said, pouring three shot glasses full of a dark, amber liquid. "That'll be five bits."

Winters and Relor shared a long look but neither of them had any idea how much a "bit" was.

Raily rolled her eyes. "You two really should read more." She said, and handed the man a couple of coins. "Come on, fellas." She said, and headed for a corner table.

Within a few moments, the ambient noise of people talking resumed, and the Starfleet officers tried to blend in as they listened for any clues as to where the weapon might be.


Ok what's next?

Lieutenant Feyd Relor
USS Chuck Norris


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