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Even the Familiar is Unfamiliar

Posted on Thu Aug 23rd, 2012 @ 2:28pm by Lieutenant JG Izalin Perrin

It was amazing how different the stars felt.

Of course, they actually were different. The Constellation had been pulled thousands of light years from the Alpha Quadrant, so the star formations in this part of the galaxy were not the same. But the naked eye probably couldn't pick up the difference between the stars whizzing by at faster-than-light speeds here and those closer to home.

But Izalin Perrin could feel the difference. This part of the galaxy felt alien. And it wasn't the exciting feeling that many got when exploring new worlds. The Constellation wasn't exploring, she mused to herself, it was lost. They were lost in space -- possibly even written off by their family and friends.

At least her quarters were comfortable. Although her previous assignment, an Ambassador-class ship, was much bigger, her accommodations as an ensign had been cramped. She had even shared them for a while until Commander Rand had arranged for something nicer.

She stopped herself quickly. She didn't want to think about him. She got up from the desk and took a PADD with her. Unzipping the front of her uniform, Perrin sat down on her bed and began to record a personal log entry. She talked about the damage to the ship's engineering section which made warp travel impossible, and her own contributions to the repair efforts. She reflected on the lost shuttles in the last engagement and wondered, based on the funeral, whether the captain was emotionally stable. In short, she vented. She vented about the Constellation's misfortune at being stranded, and her own ill luck in being on board when it happened.

It was supposed to be cathartic, but it wasn't.

When the log entry was concluded, Izalin still felt just as irritated as she had when she had mistakenly started thinking about the Zhukov. Well, she wasn't going to get any sleep at the moment. Not bothering to zip her uniform back up, she got up and decided to wander the halls of the ship.


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