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Dear Diary,

Posted on Mon Sep 24th, 2012 @ 5:07pm by Mistress of all time and space Liviana "Teddy Roosevelt" McCray

All right! Who's another time traveler in the family? This gal, that's who! Predestination paradoxes RULE! Now I just have to figure out why I'm here and what I'm supposed to do, and I'll be back to the future again.

Oh yeah, year 2212 near as they can figure, but I haven't verified that yet, so who knows. Why anyone would want to come to this particular year is beyond me... kind of a lack of anything historically interesting happening unless I missed something, but hey, what do I know from disrupting the space-time continuum.

Constellation, Intrepid class, moving up in the world, huh? Looks like a command that's a good fit for me... the Captain didn't return the salute, just offered a handshake and she wasn't even wearing a uniform. Stared at my chest a little, but to be fair, I was doing the "Hey look how far I can unzip my uniform and still be kinda covered' bit i always get yelled at for.

Hey, come to think of it, nobody said anything about that either. Ta! Looks like this might just be a grand assignment after all. Guess they needed a McCray on this boat... though how they managed to keep from having either a McCray or a MacGregor on board already is beyond me... I thought we'd become Starfleet standard issue by now. Of course, I haven't checked Medical or Engineering yet to see if I've a cousin aboard...

Okay, gotta run for now, meeting the senior officers probably to do one of those ready room briefings where everybody pools ideas. Here's to lady captains- all sense, no ego.

Mar sin leibh an drsda!



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