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Posted on Tue Oct 9th, 2012 @ 8:19pm by Lieutenant Cale Tura

Earth: San Francisco

Star Date: The day before launch

The young lady behind the desk looked up as a man entered the room. "Can I help you?" She asked looking the newcomer over. He was well dressed his head was shaved with Bajoran spiritual symbols tattooed a crossed his scalp. There was a faded scar on the left side of his wind burned face; his smile was framed by a neatly trimmed beard.

"Cale Tura, I'm here to see the shrink." He stated.

"Doctor Niem is at lunch."

"Ahh well I'm a little early I'll wait," the Bajoran said taking a seat.

Tura sighed as he took his seat, getting back into Starfleet was easier said than done. He'd spent the last few weeks filling out paper work and being interviewed by varies members of the brass. This was the last hurtle, he psych evaluation. These had always been difficult for Tura; he'd had extensive anti-interrogation training due to his years serving in covert operations. It was hard for him to distinguish a psychology session from an interrogation; this had created a great deal of friction between him and Starfleet's medical staff. In the last month he'd had sessions with three different shrinks and was now waiting to find out if he was sane enough to serve on a starship.

The Comm on the desk chirped.

=^= Julia please sent in Mister Cale.

The receptionist started. "she must have come while I was busy..."

"There's no need to explain," the Bajoran smiled on his way past.


Luana Niem sat back in her armchair; the chair opposite her was empty. The Betazoid took a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to prepare herself for her next review. The PADD on the end table next to her had all the information on Cale Tura. Her superior had tried to convince not to handle his case saying that 'Cale's connection to her father should be considered a conflict of interest. She'd argued that her knowledge of her father's work made her the best person to sign off on Cale's psyche eval. Over twenty years ago her father Andrus Niem had been a key figure Starfleet Intelligence's training program. Luana had never been close to her father, Andrus had been obsessed with his work and most of it was secret. The man who about to come through that door might have known her father better than she ever did. Luana shook her head, 'That not why he's here.' She scolded herself, she press the comm. "Julia please sent in Mister Cale."

A moment later the Bajoran enter the room, he walked with a slow deliberate stride his brown eyes seemed to soak in every detail. She watch with amusement as the man noted where the exits were, a habit that few combat veterans ever managed to break.

"Doctor Niem, I presume." He gave her a polite smile.

"Call me Luana Tura, may I call Tura."

"If you like, let's get this over with." He said in a dry tone.

"Alright then where do you think we should begin?" She asked, picking up the PADD from end table.

"This is your show, you're the Doc." He said simply.

"Alright why do you want to return to Starfleet?" she inquired.

"How many times are you people going to ask me the same questions? I want to reenlist so that I can get my full pension, I'm thinking of my children." He looked into her black eyes.

She could sense very little from his well disciplined mind, her father had taught him well.

"I understand you and your family have gone through some hard times recently. Are you sure Starfleet is the best place for you?"

"As you I took an extended leave of absence when the Constellation went missing," he swallowed hard. "Nula's sister pass away a few months later, things were pretty rough for both of us."

"You were removed from command, why do you think we should let you back." Her word cut Tura like a knife. His face twitched slightly, 'she has her old man's talent of getting under the skin.' .He thought as he clenched his teeth

"I'm doing this for my family," he said in a slow deliberate tone. "When things got tough I cut and ran, is that what I'm going to be telling children when they ask about my time in Starfleet? I have to set an example for my children, or I'll never be able to look at myself in the mirror again!"

"Do I hear Guilt?" She prodded.

"No," He said looking her strait in the eye. "Losing my command was a blow to my pride, but that's not what this is about, I need to finish what I started. I need to earn my full pension and I to be an example for my children."

"Thank you for clarifying that, tell me how are things now Aubrianna has returned?"

"Good," he smiled. "The Prophets have been kind to us, she just got married to Eli and they've informed me that I'm going to be a grandfather."

"That's wonderful, she smiled. "I see here that you withdrew your application for the post as Academy Instructor and requested a post on the Constellation. Could you tell your reasoning?

"I'd like to serve with Captain Robi again and of all the ships I've served the Con felt the most like family." He leaned back in his seat and got comfortable.

"So it didn't have anything to do with Eli Dorn applying for the same position?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Alright Luara," he said raising hands. "The boy's got a baby on the way; he needs to be stationed where he can near Aubrianna. Not off on a starship somewhere."

"Isn't that why you wanted that post, to be near your family?"

"Hey once I get settled in I'll send for Nula and the girls," he smiled. "The girls were born on that ship, I think they'll right at home."

She smiled, "It sounds like you have it all planned out. I see no reason to delay this any further."

She picked up a PADD, "Your commission Lieutenant," They rose from their seats. "You've been assigned as Security Chief on the USS Constellation, congratulations."

"Thank you," the Bajoran gave her a searching look. "Luara, is there something else?"

She sighed; she didn't know how to proceed. "You worked with my father Andrus Niem."

It was a statement not a question, "Yes I did." Tura said, "I didn't think you'd know about that it was highly classified."

"The cloak and dagger runs in the family," she smiled. "A couple of years ago they were renovating a federation embassy on Betazed and they found one Andrus's lockers. There was a package with instructions that it should be presented to Adalai Naust, when Cale Tura found his way home.

"What," Tura said with surprise Andrus had died three years after he'd had been captured by the Cardassians over ten years ago.

"I've had it sent to your lodgings, please see that Adalai gets it." She swallowed; there were so many questions she wished she could ask. She didn't even think Tura would be at liberty to answer half of them.

Tura gave her a sober look, "people have said a lot things about your old man. Most of them aren't true; I wish I'd been around to defend he work. I don't know if it would have made a difference..."

"What was he like, when he worked with you I mean?"

"He was a cold relentless bastard," The Bajoran smiled. "I wouldn't be here if not for the strength of mind he gave me; I wish I could have thanked him." He closed his eyes and took a deep breath lowering his mental defenses.

Luara could see Tura's pleasant memories of Andrus, "thank you Tura."

"Next time I'm in San Francisco I'll drop you line." Cale said and with that he walked out the door.


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