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Gearing Up

Posted on Wed Oct 17th, 2012 @ 11:12pm by Lieutenant Cale Tura

I sat in my office and starred at the mountain of paper work, my least favorite part of the job. My eyes fell on the photo perched on the corner of the desk. Two women and three toddlers looked back at me, the women bore a strong family resemblance separated by several years. As I looked at the lovely older women I had good idea of how my Nula would age in the next twenty years. The picture had been taken over a year ago when we were staying with Nula's Aunt Muray. Nula was holding Veerle and John's hands, who stood patiently posing for the camera. While Leona was tugging on Muray's hand, intent on exploring something outside of the frame. 'Oh Leona my little lioness,' I thought. The Prophets have been kind. I felt an almost physical pain in my chest, I missed them so much. I tried to shake off these lonely thoughts. Knowing that these thoughts are at best a distraction.

I rose from my seat and crossed the room to my personal weapons locker, I strapped on my utility belt. Some of my equipment wasn't standard regulation, but when you've survived as many combat situations as I have you learn to be prepared. I holstered my type two phaser and tucked a type one into my boot. I smiled thinking of what Nula would think, "You're going to vaporize your foot!" She'd say.

I glanced at the family photo one more time before kneeing on a cushion I kept out of site behind my desk. The people in that photo were all that really mattered me these days. I never knew my mother and my father was little more to me than a smiling face to me. When I was four years old he left promising to return, he never did. I like to think he died fighting in the resistance, but I don't know. I be damned if my children have to grow up without their father. I said a short prayer, imploring the Prophets to bless and guide me as I ventured into the unknown.

The door chimed, I scrambled to my feet. "Come" I called out.

T'Andorla entered looking quite stoic, she had her 'game face' on. "I've put the whole department on alert, as you instructed, Sir" she stated

"Excellent," I ansered. "And auxiliary teams?"

"They'll be armed to the teeth and standing by" The Vulcan said with a nod.

"Good work, I guess I should get going." I smiled at my dear friend. "It's up to your to keep this boat safe while I'm gone."

"You can count on me, Sir" she smiled.


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