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Moaning Mohn

Posted on Thu Dec 13th, 2012 @ 8:49am by Captain Rin "Jules Verne" Tober

Captain's Personal Log... Stardate... oh blast who gives a damn about stardates anymore?

My brain has been churning over and over and over again over this. Mohn is the latest addition to the duty roster straight from Starfleet Command. It's going to be weird. I mean mega weird. At the Academy I followed him around like a sad puppy. Not in a romantic kind of way, of course, but in that 'I wish I was cool as you' kind of way... until he decided that antagonizing me was the way to go. He actually flipped my skirt over my head in front of the congregation during my midterm speech about 'why we should all just get along'. He put hot sauce in my soda during lunch in the cafeteria and I puked on the floor in front of everyone. I know that I should be able to push past this little flaw, but I'm finding it hard to be a gentleman as Geethan would have put it.

Speaking of past hosts, I finally came into contact with someone from my past, well Robi's past. It's still taking me time to acclimate to this whole symbiont thing. I never thought they'd pick me. I still say they did it out of convenience, even though -now- my gut tells me different. Anyway, Liviana McCray is on my ship. It was a bizarre sensation to feel so much affection and nostalgia for someone I -personally- had never met before. I know I should be more adjusted to it, but according to my memories, it's totally normal. Also these weird cravings for Earth food. Evidently, Robi stayed with a bunch of trill that lived on earth for a long time. 6 of my past hosts lived on earth at some point. Totally odd. Well not really. I grew up on a Federation base less than a 4 hour roundabout ride from Earth...

Gawd, this brain needs to shut down, I need some sleep that isn't brought on by a bottle of Jack. Peace off. Verne out.


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