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That Darn Apple

Posted on Sun Dec 16th, 2012 @ 12:16am by Lieutenant David Tennant

So I met a very interesting person today she helped me find out why that apple was in the buffer. It was less than a second into the future and nothing could effect it. But she figured it out and fixed it.

Then She put it back and basically told me to do it now. I know I am smart but she is something else. I was able to find the apple it was .314159265359 seconds in the future and yes that is PI she must have wanted to entertain herself by putting it there.

I have agreed to take her out to a holodeck program of New York City opening night of The Phantom of the Opera. With Dinner afterwards at Sardis it should be an intersting adventure after the drunken night in Vegas at Vics.

I successfully got the apple out of the buffer and transported it to this Bree characters room. Mostly because he was the one that but the thing in the system in the first place. I dont know if he knows it was I that did it but he might.


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