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Get used to it

Posted on Sun Dec 30th, 2012 @ 1:46am by Captain Rin "Jules Verne" Tober

"Captain's Personal Log--

'If everything wasn't bad enough already, Starfleet had decided to delay our mission another day. Well, I can't say I blame them. I did just fire the CMO for killing an ensign. Haven't even left Earth orbit. Stigma anyone? It's going to be hell recruiting a new CMO after that."


"Can't I record a log in peace?" I fumed. "Computer end log. Come in!"

"Captain?" Mohn called from the doorway.

"Be right there, just rinsing the dye from my hair, give me a minute," I said with my head now in the sink. Bending my knees in a little ritualistic rinsing dance.

"Oh, right, well," he was right behind me. Seriously dude? You followed my voice to my bathroom. "Is that a tattoo of the Grim Reaper?"

Being in my underpants and a tank top, I surprisingly kept my cool. Instead of freaking out and slaughtering his rude ass, I pointed at the door. "Wait in the living room numbnuts."

After I towel dried my hair and pulled on a long comfy skirt, I found Katsuro looking through my movie sticks. "Invade my privacy much?"

"Oh... right... sorry..."

"You didn't come here to see me in my underpants and rifle through my belongings, at least I don't think so. What's up?"

"Just checkin' on you..."

This is about the time I inexplicably and irrationally lost my tempter. "What do you mean 'check on me?' You made my life hell and now you're all buddy buddy and checking on me?"

"I was worried about you, I don't need any other reason. I'm sorry for what I did to you, I thought we made amends," his diction on the consonants were sharp like any good Klingon worth his salt.

"Maybe it's taking some getting used to then!" I shouted.

His anger turned into a ridiculous grin and laughter erupted from his gut. "Get used to it."


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